I Quit!

By: Spiker Helms

When has quitting been acceptable? The other day I took my friend out for a cup of coffee to our favorite local shop called Khaldi’s. My friend’s eldest boy, Jackson, plays for a club basketball team and had decided to quit to focus on football. At that point, he had already went through offseason training, uniform fitting, and team practices. When I was listening to the tone in his voice as he was telling the story I was shocked. I couldn’t understand why he was letting Jackson quit a basketball team in mid-year. What about the team, coach, and families that were relying on his son to play. Maybe I come from a family that is an anomaly and considered “old school,” but watching kids quit for reasons other than an emergency or injury worries me.

We have all thought about quitting and I have been in a couple of instances where I begged, pleaded, and moaned to my parents to do so. I remember my last year of cub scouts I would tell my mom every day I hated it, it’s boring, and I do not care how to tie a double overhand knot. With my mom’s strong and persistent personality she would simply say, “There is no quitting; word and commitment are bond. Look for the good, there is a lesson here” She was right, I was able to learn how to appreciate people who had different interest than mine, and I learned how to relate with those interest. We build strength in not quitting and we use that strength to focus on the lessons learned.

It concerns me that we are accepting quitting as an option and we think it is ‘okay’. There is value sticking through adversities, and nothing means more to yourself and your community when you keep your word. Quitting should not be an option because it’s convenient. There is honor, respect, and compassion to those who believe “word is bond.” Quitting only limits our potential knowledge and what we could have learned.

Thank you for reading our blog. We appreciate every read, recommendation, and share. Love you all! -Spiker

PS: I still know how to tie a double overhand knot ☺.