Looking To Get Recruited? Here Are 5 Steps.. [video]

The challenges of becoming a college athlete are nothing less than difficult. It take a lot of hard work and discipline to get to the next level. College coaches are not looking just for the athlete that possess the talent, they want the work-ethic along with it. Talent can only get you so far, but work-ethic will take you further.

What is ‘Work Ethic’?

It’s an abundance of choices we make on a daily basis that define our character and strength. These choices are not necessarily the easiest to make, they require focus, determination, and a lot of sweat hours. They consist of early mornings, late nights, and much variation in between. Having a solid work ethic takes a plan of attack. It takes action to want to get better. Work-Ethic is more mental than anything. It teaches us perseverance and gives us strength. We may not be where we want to be now, but we all have the ability to get to where we want to be. A strong work-ethic keeps us grinding and thriving for success. The end results may be hard to see, but pushing yourself every day to get to the next level will reveal a lot of strengths and weakness. It will give you confidence and humble you at the same time.

Chasing dreams isn’t easy. If it was we would not have to work so hard. According to NCAA, there are over 7.8 million high school athletes across all sports and majority of them are looking to play at the next level. With only 480,000 spots available at the D1, 2, and 3 levels, coaches are look extremely hard at many different aspects of an athlete, including work-ethic. The NCAA only allows a certain amount of practice hours during the off-season and in-seasons, so coaches need to know if a player has the will to put in the work themselves when needed. An ideal package for a coaches would be a player with 1. Character 2. Work-ethic, and 3. Talent.

College coaches would rather take an average joe with a strong work-ethic over a very talented player with a weak work-ethic. Why? because you can always work with, mold, and strengthen a player who is willing to put in the time. Coaches cannot always control the player that already thinks they are a supreme gift to the sport. Talent can be gained and loss depending on the amount of work hours you put into refining your craft. Sports always have a way of paying back those who have invested the most time into it. Sports also have a funny way of weeding out the weak-minded and cocky players.

Here are 5 steps to help get yourself recruited:

  1. NCAA Clearinghouse — All athletes aspiring to play at the NCAA level need to make sure they are eligible. The Clearinghouse performs all academic evaluations for athletes to determine whether or not they are eligible to participate as an incoming freshman.
  2. Get Noticed– Attend showcases and combines where coaches and recruiters will be. Make sure to attend any showcases of schools on your list of favorites. Put yourself in front of coaches and give yourself an opportunity to be seen.
  3. Social Marketing– make sure you are able to provide content of yourself in action. Coaches want to see video and character. There are many ways you can market yourself on different social platforms. One of the first thing coaches do when they have a recruit is search their name in Google or other search engines. You can also contact coaches via social media. Click HERE for more information on social marketing.
  4. Contact The Coaches– Make an effort to reach out to the coach. Leave a message, pass on your name. When you do make contact, ask him what you need to do to play for him/her. Figure out what you need to give in order to be a part of the team. Also, try and schedule a visit. Selling yourself will get you a lot further than you think.
  5. Put In The Work– At the end of the day, coaches want to see work. They want to know the players they are getting are reliable and take responsibility for their work and character. Are you willing to do what it takes?

The video below will give you the behind the scenes look of what it takes to be good, if not great. These athletes are baseball players for the Rawlings Tigers working to not only get better but to also be recruited by their top schools. It’s not necessarily what you do on the field that matter, a lot of what strengthens you as a players happens off the field.. ‘Nothing is Given.’


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