More Than Just a Game

By Spiker Helms

When we are young we’re told it’s just a game; have fun, play hard, and enjoy the moment with your friends. As I got older, I kept this thought in the back of my mind; and it has served a greater purpose throughout my athletic career. Baseball has given me twenty great years, and I always think back to my times as a little leaguer at Affton Athletic Association.

These are the moments I cherish and will always remember. It was the post season party, in-between game snack, and my teammate explaining why Yugioh is a cheap imitation of Pokémon. It is not my accomplishments and awards, or even eliminating the University of Miami from the NCAA tournament in embarrassing fashion (which was awesome!). It has always been the little nuggets of gold I had in youth sports.

Now, as an adult I see it more than just a game because it’s where we create our first meaningful relationships. We share a commonality with teammates by agreeing fart noises are funny, Pokémon cards are the coolest, candy tastes amazing, late night pizzas are the best, and the pool is the greatest playground in the world. Yes, the game is just a game, but it means so much more when your 25 years old and looking back at your career. The dream was to play in the Big Leagues, but now I just want to go back and play little league.

Tourny Guy

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