One Thing Missing

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By: Spiker Helms

When you grow up, what do you want to be?

Astronaut? Rock Star? Entrepreneur?

Take it back to when you were a child. When dreams and imagination fueled your life.

Anything was possible. There were castles, dragons, dungeons, O-MY! You were the hero, the inventor, the superstar, and you could always solve a problem by bringing your best friend. He didn’t have to qualify or fit the budget.

I have done it all. I remember playing in Game 7 of the World Series, colonizing Mars, and even saved a family from a burning building. (This was just one day.)

The picture above describes everything pure about childhood (optimism, confidence, potential, truth, and capabilities to do anything.) There is no judgment being passed, no discrimination. It’s pure joy.

This writer never imagined bragging about material things or worrying about status. I only fantasized about experiences and becoming great. I imagined because I yearned for these moments. I saw myself in those positions and it became true. It was all about the love of the game and playing in front of thousands of fans.

To this day I still dream big. Growing up doesn't mean fitting the norm, and settling for a job you hate. It’s self awareness and executing in your passions. My path is different than your path, and your path is different than mine. I will never stop sipping on the nectar that fuels my life, because if I do so I have failed in everything that I believe in.

I see my fellow millennials compromise their own passions for stability and safety. Risking your dreams seems more of a dangerous proposition, than jumping into the fire of their dreams. My biggest fear is sitting in a retirement home in Florida thinking about what I could of became. With all my power I will not allow that one thing to be missing in my life.

Thank you for taking the time in reading my blog. I appreciate every recommendation and “like” I receive. With all my heart I am very grateful for you reading to this point. This blog is dedicated to my parents who never judged me for dreaming big.

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