Three Trends That Tournament Directors Need to Know for 2016

The internet can be the biggest friend or the greatest enemy of any director. The first and most important aspect of great internet marketing is having a well designed website. It seems the younger generation of directors are devoting more time and money to their sites, and for good reason. They realize the first impression is the most important. Yes, product trumps marketing, but marketing can open doors. With this said, there are three key technology trends all directors need to know for 2016.

  1. Mobile Friendly Site:

In April 2015, Google put more value into websites that were mobile friendly. The Google ranking of your website is directly effected by its responsiveness to being mobile friendly. With over 80% of internet users coming from mobile devices we can’t blame the search engine giant catering to the market.

2. Snapchat:

The yellow ghost will be the most effective way to market in future years. In a November 2015 report, Snapchat has over 100 million users and 32% of them being the ages of 13–17 years of age. This is the ideal place for a director to showcase his or her events by creating stories around their events.

3. Facebook vs Twitter:


It is email version 2.0. The ability to direct tweet allows any director to build a community and start engaging. It’s a great place to answer questions about a certain event or share information with your community. Currently, Tournament Guy is not high on Twitter ad’s, but could change in the coming months with CEO Jack Dorsey making immediate changes to compete with Facebook ad’s.


It is the grandfather of social networks and with its billion users it’s definitely a good place for a proactive director to spend their marketing dollars. In recent years, Facebook has put many regulations on business advertising and prevents marketers from flooding a person’s news feed. The price for advertisement, however, is relatively cheap compared to traditional outlets. Facebook allows marketers to directly hit their target market by using third party applications and specify their ad to age, location, family size, income, and purchasing behaviors.

Closing Remarks: Speaking with directors I have noticed that there is a percentage that do not set aside a marketing budget or stress good internet practices. This is a huge mistake because the opportunity to draw teams at a relatively cheap price is greater now than it was a decade ago. Having a website dating back to the dial up days could easily lose a team to another event. Block lettering, incomplete tabs, and shady registration pages won’t work in 2015, and won’t work for 2016.

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-Spiker Helms- CEO of Tournament Guy

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