You Can’t Ignore Snapchat Anymore

Have you taken notice! Snapchat is growing, and it’s growing big. At Tournament Guy we consistently listen to our market. The attention is still on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, but Snapchat is winning. In the last year their user base has grown with over 100 million daily users. Why should a tournament director care? Because this is your market and Snapchat has just created the most genius marketing tool for tournament directors. First, if you need a quick history lesson of the last 16 years of social media watch this very entertaining video by Casey Neistat. Come back to the blog when your done and read the Snapchat update that will change your event.

The yellow ghost has allowed the ability for indviduals to create their own geofilters. Geofilters are those screens that people use to add flavor to their stories. In the past this was simply a filter that showed your exact location (i.e St. Louis, Missouri has a filter of the Old Courthouse and the Arch). Now, if you have an event, you can create your own geofilter , assign your location, and have people enjoy your the whole weekend. This is 100% attention when sent to friends and family! If you are still having trouble wrapping your head around this topic, here is another video explaining.

If you are absolutely ignoring this platform, it’s time to change. At Tournament Guy we look to find ways to help directors make the tournament experience better for their teams. Mobile is here to stay, and the best way to brand yourself is through social. Speaking for Tournament Guy we are going to capitalize on this marketing tool. Enjoy snapping and hope to see you on the yellow ghost :).

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