Spring Into Summer with these Must Have Kicks.

Summer approaches and we self-proclaimed stylist take that as hint to update our wardrobe’s. Our sense of style has become somewhat of a recycled art from the 90’s. While some may disagree, what can’t be denied is our passion to collect “reintroduced” sneakers of the 90’s. Leading the way is the Jordan Brand Collection. With hundreds of summer sneakers premiering the “Pure Money Jordan 4’s” stand out as a summer must have sneaker. “Pure Money 4’s” catch the eye with a all white leather base, with metallic eyelets to add pop. With each of their three releases since the 2000’s, these Jordan delicacies quickly sold out and are due for a repeat as they haven’t been seen in stores for eleven years when they had record selling numbers in the 2006 May release date. If you’re a true sneaker fanatic these kicks are a must have, be on the lookout in early May as the release date is set for May 13th of this year.