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Uhh, okay? I never said they were. I said that your comment was cruel, judgmental and unnecessary, and thus typical of white, cishet behaviour, since you people are far less likely to suffer abuse than queer and trans people, and thus less likely to have empathy for those of us who are survivors. Which I’m explaining to you again, since you don’t seem to be comprehending that.

But FYI, cisgender, straight aces are still cishet. So unless you’re also homoromantic or something like that, you’re still not queer.

And even if you were trans and queer, it wouldn’t change the fact that your comment was you projecting your misdirected anger at the author, for reasons you seem unwilling to admit to, much less explain.

As I said to you at the beginning: If you can’t take retorts, don’t make mean comments.

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