I don’t give a shit whom the writer loves…bravo if she has it, knows it, whatever and with whomever…should we all be so lucky.
Aight. I shall.
Amanda Lee McDonald

You don’t give a shit to the point that you went out of your way to publicly and personally attack her online.

….Riiiiiiight. That’s how I show I don’t care about what people say too. By trying to personally hurt them. 😑

Since you seem to need a reminder, here’s what you said:

That seems like the response of someone who cares very much about the author to feel awful about herself. I don’t believe you when you say you don’t care.

But you have no right or reason to cut this woman down.

Speaking as an editor, what you wrote is a personal attack, not remotely constructive criticism. If you want to get kicked out of a writing class or fired from a writing of editing job, I strongly suggest you continue to comport yourself like this with other writers. It doesn’t typically go over very well with instructors, professors, publishers, managing editors, any of them. Criticism is an art. One you have yet to learn, it seems. And personal attacks are never appropriate. Nor are they welcome.

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