100 books in 100 days

When you have a “to-read” list longer than your height, what do you do?


You decide that maybe setting a challenge for yourself will help ginger you to read them all.

You guessed right, I am that lady who had quite the to read list and I decided to schedule them for the first 100 days of 2017.

Obviously, this is no mean feat and I knew I had set myself quite the challenge and decided I could follow through.

I can do this

Indeed, I followed through and it was so difficult that I considered giving up by day 4.

Maybe because I had published my intention, the shame of not completing my reading challenge motivated me. Maybe not.

The first difficulty was carving out time for reading. I needed to schedule 5–7 hours of in my daily grind to finish reading the book of the day.

This was my reading position most days…but with a Kindle or iPhone

I decided waking up an hour earlier than usual will help. Even at day 50, it was still a struggle to wake up by 4:30 to read a book and then get ready for my day. I was fuelling my sleep deprivation with endless cups of coffee and bubble gum.

Another thing was I made sure I posted the books on Instagram with a review as soon as I was done reading. It did not matter whether on not I was tired or my brain wanted rest, I will post and edit on Saturdays as there were usually so many spelling mistakes in my reviews.

In theory, reading is fun but you need a lot of stick-to-it-iveness to follow through.

I read about how easy it is for a certain class of individuals to read 100 books in 100 days…I am not in that class yet. It was not easy for me to complete this.

I learned a lot from this experience:

1. Make basic plans: The first thing I did was to schedule the books for different days. For example, shorter books for the week day and longer books for the weekends. Doing this was quite easy once I got my spreadsheet set up.

To be honest, I did not get to do this until day 8 of my journey. It made the process easier for me. Also, as I already decided to be a hermit, it meant no going out for me. On the days I decided to go out with friends, I rearranged my schedule to read books that were between 100–200 pages as I knew I could finish them within 4 hours.

2. Don’t be too hard on yourself: Even after making the basic plans, you may not finish the book on the day you have scheduled.

3. Don’t beat yourself up too much: Although I finished all my books, it was not easy. Some books were not interesting so I trudged along, bored out of brains, just to finish them because I said so.

4. Reward yourself: This works like a charm for me. Every 10 days, I promised to reward myself with random things. It was a burger the first 10 days, then a massage the next 10…I needed something to ensure I was motivated

5. Publish your intention: It does not have to be to Social media as I did. It could be to a friend, colleague or random stranger you met at Starbucks.

I am really proud of myself for completing this challenge as I have learned a lot from a diverse range of subject matters and authors. My hope is that it also helps with my writing skills.

Will I do this again? I don’t know.

Reading a book a day was so tasking for me that I really could not write much or focus on my side hustle (website building/ SEO).

If you want to know what books I read, you can check them out here or go through my instagram feed for the reviews (hashtag 100BooksIn100Days).

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