There is great temptation to proffer excuses when faced with difficult tasks. We tend to procrastinate or simply kick up a fuss because our minds have difficulty envisioning how such tasks can be completed with minimal pain.

Currently, one of the projects I am working on is taking the wind out of me. I have been repeatedly tempted to throw in the towel and move on to something that would not increase the fine line on my forehead. I have come up with numerous excuses to cancel this project but my common sense has kicked in and I have debunked the excuses.

In my pedestal as a newly empowered person, I have decided that nothing will stop me from exceedingly and excellently delivering this project. I will not rest on the crutches of excuses that abound, but I will focus on the countless opportunities that exist.

I will acknowledge each blocker to my success and systematically ensure that they do not hinder my quest for excellently delivering on my project outputs. Phew.

It is easier said than done but I am determined not to give excuses free reign over my productivity. Avoiding roadblocks doesn’t make them nonexistent…it just delays the steps necessary to solve the arising issues.

How do you encourage yourself to stop procrastinating?