I absolutely hate the way my nerves go hay wire when I’m to speak publicly. Any audience greater than 3 individuals is public speaking to me.

Unlike most people, I don’t break out in sweats…I turn cold and shiver a lot. My voice cracks, I seem not to remember words and I tend to have a robotic/monotonous voice.

Over the years, I’ve learned that the following helps in steadying my nerves:

1. Coffee: A shot of espresso helps to increase my temperature and steady my nerves a bit. It may have the opposite effect on you, so find what works for you.

2. Practice: I find that when I go through the theme of my speech it presentation, I’m not as nervous.

3. Smile: I have a lovely smile and I know it. I also find that when I smile, I am able to pace the speed of my speech and tend to project my voice louder. I still need to work on my laughter though.

How do you prepare yourself when making presentations?

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