Love affair with Donuts

I don’t eat donuts. My reasons are quite logical.

You see, one of my aims in life is to have a consistently healthy body and my relationship with donuts is highly toxic.

A typical donut with choc filling contains 452 calories. I’m yet to find a human with so much will power as to resist eating more than a donut at a time. Well, I’m not that human.

I pondered for months about my donut intake and when Dunkin Donuts came to London, I knew the situation was critical. Donuts were the kryptonite to my beach compliant body.

So I applied the sound theory of microeconomics: opportunity cost. What was I willing to substitute for the loss of the pleasure that donut brings?

I had a Eureka moment: Snickers!!! Yes, I know. It doesn’t seem like one can compare Snickers and Donuts. Hear me out.

My love affair with donuts is a mere calorific indulgence. I enjoy Snickers but can’t have more than a bar at a time. All that chewing is really not worth the effort expended on a second helping.

A bar is 215 calories and there’s no temptation to eat another. I can easily burn that off in my HIIT season. Talk about a win-win situation!

Sometimes I miss donuts, but when I remember how long it takes to get all that gooey goodness out of my system, I keep my head up and say to myself: “Self, you’ve got this”.

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