We all know that one person who does not listen to their physician who has trained for a minimum of 10 years.

I am not sure I will listen to these ones though.

Rather, that silly person just goes with the flow, ignoring all symptoms and engaging in self imposed ignorance (and borderline foolishness).

I developed a severe allergic reaction on my neck and had no clue what I was reacting to. I conducted in depth research (AKA Google) and still did not have any answers.

In my delusion, I reckoned the reaction will go the same way it came.

Talk about burying my head in the sand.

As you can predict, it got worse and until I started running a fever, my eyes stinging and my neck was the colour of a London bus.

I realised that Google was not my friend; I needed to consult an actual physician.


So I did. Went through the endless questions. By the way, why does it feel like those questions were crafted to judge me and my lifestyle choices?

Did you have chocolate for breakfast?

Anyway, it turned out to be a reaction with an unknown cause. I was given medication for the fever and itchiness.

You will think my act of foolishness will end there. Not a chance.

By day 2 of taking the meds, I felt like the Rock. I figured only mere mortals should have to take those pills for the prescribed period. Sigh.

As you can guess, I had a relapse and was forced to swallow that pill that they call pride (alongside the cocktail of prescribed pills and topical creams).

The whole experience made me think of life in general.

Even when we know what is good for us, in our quest for certain things, we tend to jump the gun and not follow the prescribed methods because they seem mundane.