Toyota AI Ventures Talent Network Featured Jobs: Principal Security Engineer & DevOps Engineer

Photo courtesy of Embodied

In this week’s Toyota AI Ventures Talent Network spotlight, we look at career opportunities at two portfolio companies based in sunny Southern California that are developing new robotics solutions: Embodied and Elementary Robotics.

Principal Security Engineer, Embodied, Pasadena, CA: Led by CEO Paolo Pirjanian, our portfolio company Embodied is using AI and robotics to revolutionize the future of human-centric health and wellness. The Embodied team is creating state-of-the-art companion robots, and they are looking for an experienced individual to serve as the company’s first Principal Security Engineer to ensure data privacy and system security.

If you’re a security professional with at least five years of experience in securing IoT devices and cloud infrastructure, don’t miss this chance to be part of a mission-driven startup that is building robots to help improve the quality of human life. You would be responsible for building a comprehensive information security program that defines, develops, maintains, and implements software and hardware solutions for IoT device security and secure cloud infrastructure. In addition, your responsibilities would include ensuring that general data strategies are fully compliant with legal privacy requirements, defining a threat map, identifying mitigation strategies, and working alongside third party vendors to resolve security issues.

Embodied is looking for someone collaborative who is comfortable working with different teams and would like to assume a leadership role for company-wide security compliance. Additional qualifications include at least 2 years of experience in securing Android OS, and knowledge of information security laws, including but not limited to COPPA, HIPAA, and CCPA. A bachelor’s degree in computer science, electrical engineering, computer engineering, robotics or a related field, and excellent writing skills, are preferred.

If that sounds like you, and you’re passionate about improving human wellness through robotics, find more information and apply here.

DevOps Engineer, Elementary Robotics, Los Angeles, CA: Elementary Robotics, which is developing a low-cost robotics platform driven by computer vision and machine learning to automate repetitive day-to-day tasks, is hiring a DevOps engineer to contribute to its core SDK and cloud offerings.

In this role, you would help design the containerization and communication protocols that the Elementary Robotics SDK is built on. You’ll also design and implement the IoT and web service parts of the stack, and ensure they are both cost-effective and scalable.

Elementary Robotics is looking for candidates who have a professional degree in computer science or a similar field, and have experience deploying high-throughput, cloud-based applications at scale. In addition, you would need to be acquainted with Docker, AWS and Google Cloud products, CI/CD, Redis, and Linux. Prior IoT and video streaming experience is a plus.

The robotics and machine learning space is exploding, and Elementary Robotics is building products that prioritize thoughtful design to improve the way humans interact with machines in automated environments. If you’re interested in helping to increase the affordability and intelligence of robotics systems, apply here.

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