Image courtesy of Metawave

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Metawave is accelerating autonomous technology and high-speed wireless communication through advanced beam focusing and steering technologies. By leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, the company is developing an analog beam-steering radar system capable of distinguishing between objects and navigating all-weather conditions, thereby improving the safety of autonomous driving. Metawave is also building a network of beam-forming antennas to enable faster and more efficient 5G deployments in cities around the world.

Metawave joined the Toyota AI Ventures portfolio in 2018, and it is now aiming to refine its modular platforms and grow its existing partner…

Image courtesy of Third Wave

Based in Union City, California, Third Wave is reimagining material handling in warehouses by applying artificial intelligence (AI) to forklifts. Through a combination of machine learning, computer vision, and cloud robotics, Third Wave is producing autonomous forklifts that can collaborate with operators whenever needed. This ultimately increases warehouse productivity and improves the overall safety of the facilities for workers.

Since joining the Toyota AI Ventures portfolio in 2018 and emerging from stealth in 2020, Third Wave has expanded the team significantly, and is now facing increased demand as the pandemic has accelerated the need for safe, functional warehouse automation solutions…

Image courtesy of Cobalt Robotics

Based in San Mateo, California, Cobalt Robotics is revolutionizing security and safety in the workplace with autonomous robots that empower people with the data needed to make decisions quickly. Cobalt’s robotic security guard can navigate intricate surroundings, analyze patterns with complete situational awareness, and provide consistent, detailed reporting — while escalating anomalies to a human analyst for efficient resolution. Cobalt robots are also capable of temperature screenings and monitoring for social distancing.

Cobalt Robotics joined the Toyota AI Ventures portfolio in 2019, and the team is expanding quickly. If you’re interested in working in the fast-growing robotics-as-a-service industry, check out…

Image courtesy of Ziva Dynamics

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Ziva Dynamics provides cutting-edge character simulation technology that results in incredibly lifelike virtual characters for films, television shows, and video games. Ziva’s approach incorporates biomechanics in its physics-embedded soft tissue simulation and uses machine learning to produce computer-generated characters with layers of muscles, skin, and fat that move realistically together.

Ziva Dynamics, founded by Academy Award winner and CEO James Jacobs and USC associate professor of computer science Jernej Barbic, joined the Toyota AI Ventures portfolio in 2020. To date, the Ziva team has collaborated with over 100 studios in utilizing their technology to produce memorable…

Image courtesy of Recogni

Part of the Toyota AI Ventures portfolio since 2019, Recogni is powering autonomous driving technology. Its visual perception platform uses a high-powered chip with artificial intelligence (AI) to efficiently enable vehicles to perceive their environment. Recogni recently raised a $48.9 Series B financing round, and we sat down with co-founder and CEO RK Anand to hear more about Recogni’s technology and what the Recogni team is aiming to do next.

Thanks for joining us, RK. Tell us about your journey to co-founding Recogni.

Image courtesy of Parallel Domain

Developing autonomous systems requires immense amounts of data about the car’s ever-changing environment for testing purposes. Yet compiling real-world data is time-consuming, and capturing all of the possible scenarios is simply impossible. Enter our portfolio company Parallel Domain, which provides synthetic data to produce numerous scenarios that can be used to train autonomous systems.

A “parallel domain” is a virtual environment that is modeled after the real world, and it can be easily modified to produce the many variations needed to improve machine learning algorithms. The result is safe, fast, and cost-efficient testing of autonomous systems.

If you are interested…

Photo courtesy of Realtime Robotics

Boston-based Realtime Robotics is tackling a major problem in automation: how to allow robots to quickly respond to changes in a workcell, while simultaneously avoiding collisions with other robots. Using a combination of proprietary software and hardware, the company’s platform enables real-time, collision-free motion planning in dynamic, unstructured environments — significantly reducing programming time and costs. Watch this video to learn more about how Realtime’s technology works.

Part of the Toyota AI Ventures portfolio since 2017, the team has recently announced new partnerships and is now hiring for several key roles. …

Image courtesy of Apex.AI

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Apex.AI is developing safe and certified software for autonomous mobility systems, which enables automotive developers to implement complex artificial intelligence (AI) software and AI developers to implement safety-critical applications. Products include Apex.OS, a robust software framework built on the Robot Operating System (ROS); Apex.Autonomy, a set of software building blocks that enables developers to create a custom autonomy stack; and MARV.Automotive, a powerful, configurable, and extensible data management platform.

Apex.AI joined the Toyota AI Ventures portfolio in 2019, and recently received a 2021 CES Innovation Award honor for Apex.OS. The team, led by CEO and…

Image courtesy of SLAMcore

Every robot, drone, and autonomous vehicle faces a fundamental challenge: understanding its location and nearby objects so that it can map and navigate around its environment. Founded in 2016, SLAMcore is tackling this problem by developing “spatial intelligence” solutions for robots and machines using simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithms that analyze sensor information.

Based in the United Kingdom, SLAMcore has been a part of the Toyota AI Ventures portfolio since 2017. After raising a $5M Series A financing round in 2020, the company is scaling operations and expanding the team. …

Image courtesy of SummerBio

Based in Menlo Park, California, SummerBio was founded in May 2020 to offer rapid, affordable, high-volume COVID-19 testing for all. Recognizing that existing testing options were falling short, with results often arriving late, SummerBio was formed to dramatically improve the COVID-19 testing process through the use of state-of-the-art robotics and automated liquid handling systems.

SummerBio recently joined the Toyota AI Ventures portfolio, and is now growing quickly and increasing the testing capacity of its CLIA-certified lab. SummerBio CEO Guido Baechler is leading a team of life science automation industry veterans, diagnostic molecular biologists, laboratory scientists, public health experts, software engineers…

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