HVLP and LVLP Spray Paint Guns

HVLP and LVLP paint spray guns are technically advanced, and modern innovative solutions to execute spray painting tasks in both user friendly and environmental friendly manner. Paint spray guns are effective in means of both industrial and automotive paint spray jobs especially occupied for low-cost and quality spray painting applications.

In this post we will provide informational guide to elaborate and help you understand the basic information and industrial applications of both HVLP and LVLP paint spray guns.

HVLP Spray Guns:
HVLP air spray guns are known to be high volume low pressure feed sprayers utilized commonly for everyday spray painting applications. HVLP spray guns utilize a high pressure compressor to provide air feed for even and efficient paint applications. The spray gun itself compels low weight (LP) and a higher volume (HV) of air is utilized to spray the paint at a lower pneumatic force. HVLP Spray Gun Systems are popular choice among paint sprayers and auto body shop owners for their low-cost and ease of applications.

LVLP Spray Guns:
LVLP stand for low volume low pressure in which the spray gun utilizes a lower volume of air to atomize the paint during paint jobs. These spray guns, as HVLP spray systems operate at low weight additionally has a low volume of paint coating. Different to HVLP guns LVLP spray guns can be utilized with a littler compressor. These spray gun require special skills as their low pressure feed does offer superior finish but requires experienced paint sprayers to undertake the paint jobs perfectly.

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