Protect Black Children

My youngest sister is a 2nd grader, and she recently participated in the talent show at her school. She preformed a dance to the tune “Dig a little deeper” from the film, Princess and the Frog. It was very cute and short, she did very well. After she was finished, everyone clapped and she exited the stage. The show continued with kids doing different things, such as, hula hooping, singing, dancing and acting. For the finale, a group of black kids from the perk program (or pre-k) came out and danced to the irritating, but catchy song, “Watch Me.” Everyone went into an uproar. Parents quickly grabbed their phones and started recording, other students began to dance along and everyone cheered them on. I laughed as well, until tears started to stream down my face. I then noticed that I was not crying because I was laughing so hard, I was crying because those kids are going to have to face the harsh reality that I am facing now, one that wont be kind to them, one that will not laugh or cheer them on.

Lately I have been finding myself deep in thought about the plight of black people in America (or more like the world), especially the little black children. I worry about them constantly and every time I come in contact with them, I always uplift them and encourage them. To see them smile and be carefree brings joy to my heart. I swear there’s nothing better than to see and hear them laugh. Yet, every time I see them run around and play, I get a little sad. Knowing that the happiness they are feeling right now won’t last crushes me on the inside. Now, you could say: “Well, doesn’t it feel like that with all children?” and the answer to that is no. Black children are not allowed to have the same childhood as other kids. That’s just the sad truth. So when I watched those kids on that stage, I prayed that they get to keep their innocence a little bit longer.

I am not yet ready to explain to my sister that people will not like her because of how she looks. I try to shield her as much as possible, but with me going off to school soon, it’s going to be a bit hard to do that.

We have got to protect black children at all cost. They are all we’ve got.