>muh popular vote
Dan Daniels

Good grief!

A couple of hundred thousand? Wrong. Try almost three million. You wrote that comment on the internet, professor — Google was right there! You should try using it — it might make it slightly less easy for me to demonstrate what a lamentably informed dimwit you are. If you don’t know something like that and can’t be bothered to find out, then that’s fine, but don’t just pull a number out of your arse and hope! Yeesh!

“Why should the big blue states like New York and California dominate the future of the other 48 states?”

Because they have more people in them? Why should a minority be able to overturn the will of a majority just because they live in a different bit of the country? The way you have to twist logic to justify to yourself Trump being in office after that election result is really special. And being a constitutional republic doesn’t preclude it from being a democracy. Try looking up the meanings of those terms. Again, Google is right there!

If you seriously can’t figure out why the Democratic Party might have been able to fix the result of their own internal party election, but not that of the general election for yourself, then things may be getting to the stage where it’s unfair of me to berate you. Just try to think about it really hard.

“But it seems that saying you’re going to ruin, debase, dismantle and rob the majority of the U.S. population is the pathetic mantle piece of morality among the left.”

This is just baffling. Explain yourself to me, if you can.

Trump has banned the populations of seven countries from entering the US, and you think that he’s non-interventionist? Another word you fling around without knowing what it means, apparently. As for corruption, here’s a running record of how corrupt Trump is: https://corrupt.af/ As I write this, it reports 161 counts of corruption so far in 35 days in office (that figure’s probably risen by the time you read this, though). He’s broken US law between four and five times per day every day he’s been in office. Yeah. What a paragon of virtue.

The rest of your comment is just mindless abuse slinging with which it’s therefore unnecessary for me to engage.

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