It says something to how bankrupt the American left has become that they can put so much time and…
Paul Frantizek

Nobody’s howling; they’re attempting to engage you with reasoned arguments. You should attempt to develop the ability to tell the difference — you might learn something. Why you believe that a comment about neoliberals or the phony left would hit a nerve amongst progressives is a question I suspect will remain a mystery. As I believe I’ve adequately shown, your implication that they’re the same or similar just because they vaguely intersect in a couple of places on the venn diagram, though for wildly differing reasons, is balls. There quite simply is not a group of people more opposed to the current prevailing economic system than the progressive left. Everything about the ideals and results of neoliberalism frankly disgusts us, hence the constant stream of public protests organised and attended by the progressive left against said system — if you weren’t supremely confused then you would understand that.

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