It seems that you’re the one who’s blinded by confirmation bias.
Dan Daniels

So, your proud boast is that the right is better than the left at appealing to the sort of absolute moron who’ll vote somebody into political office because of an internet meme? Well, congratulations on your intellectually devoid ideology, numbskull.

Morality and tolerance, eh? You mean like where I’ve been arguing right here on this very comments section for the progressive left’s belief that people should be allowed to live and work where they like, whilst my right-wing opponent was arguing for kicking all immigrants out of the country? I mean, how easy did you mean to make it for me to show your comment up for the idiot nonsense that it is? Not to mention the constant sheer stream of red herring fallacies upon which it’s constructed.

A. Trump lost the popular vote by several million. It’s not the progressive left’s fault that the US’ so called “democratic” system is garbage.

B. The reason Trump won the election is because the staunchly neoliberal — therefore right-wing — Democrats insisted on fielding a candidate that nobody can stand. The right hate Clinton; the left hate Clinton. The only people who don’t hate Clinton are so called “centrists” who don’t mind their politicians relentlessly lying to them and having no apparent opinions about anything. And STILL she beat Trump in the popular vote! Yeah! Trump is in office because he beat somebody who everyone hates on a ridiculous technicality of the US electoral system. Sooooooooo impressive!

You appear to have conveniently forgotten the fact that the one guy who was actually espousing some progressive left opinions during the run up to the US elections was trouncing both Clinton and Trump in every opinion poll going. That’s fine, though. I’m perfectly happy for the right to continue deluding themselves over their popularity relative to the left — it doesn’t hurt us one bit.

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