From “Spray & Pray” to “Track & Trace”…

From the dawn of time sellers have barked out offerings in public forums. From the farmer, selling wares… to a fisherman on the docks… to more modern times a newsboy selling papers on the street. All of these public offerers had a challenging set of questions to answer:

  • Do people want my offering?
  • Am I pricing it right?
  • Is there a better audience that I’m not reaching?
  • How can I get more people interested?

18-wheel transit too uses public forums to bark sales offerings. The same challenges of one-way conversations that the farmer above had exist within the industry. Knowing how to reach the audience best suited for a shipper is challenging.

Brokers as an industry sprang up, giving way to professional logistics “barkers”. They have relationships with preferred trucking carriers and over time can manage freight more effectively. These preferred carriers grew out of necessity, both from bad carriers that damaged relationships, as well as great carriers that understood opportunity and placed customer success high on the list of priorities.

However, over time, and as technology rolled forward, brokers too became wary of the same questions:

  • How can I make sure I’m reaching the right audience?
  • How can I get more people interested?

“Spray and Pray” became the default method of listing freight needs across various public forums. Load boards of various quality and size were the preferred method of spraying… and then a broker would pray someone was able and willing to take your offering.

This method proved unpredictable at best and problematic at worst. Brokers wouldn’t know who the carriers were that requested freight and couldn’t validate their quality within the site. Also, because load boards charge each side, (broker and carrier) having a broker add new carriers to a platform (if even possible) would incur new costs for the carrier.

Now, by connecting brokers’ existing preferred carriers within a private platform on Traansmission, brokers can communicate quickly with their partners. We stress their partners, because just as in days of old, if two parties had previously worked together then both sides tend to get a better deal and get there faster.

Lastly, the platform addresses the “track & trace” dilemma. Brokers spend half their time “barking” to get someone to pick it up… and the other half calling the carrier and/or dispatch to get status updates. “Where are you”? is one of the most common questions asked, as brokers needed to plan for contingencies and want to know where the freight is. Now, with their mobile platform, Traansmission lets brokers (and receivers if desired) know where their freight is in real-time. Gone are the constant calls.

Now the question is, what to do with all the new found time?