Are the Knicks a Super Team? (Not So Fast)
Matt Spendley

I can understand Media and Knicks Fan Pessimism or trepidation about being optimistic based on the past, however, this is a well built roster. The top 7 players are all solid NBA players and there is very good balance to the roster. The players fit each other and how Hornacek wants to play.

Rose and Lee make sense because Lee is a good catch and shoot SG and doesn’t need to handle the ball to be effective. Noah is a great fit for this group because he STILL rebounds and passes at a high level. The media seems to have not noticed that about Noah. On top of that Noah is a real leader and will help all the bigs on this team. The bench guards, Jennings, Holiday, Sasha and possibly Randle are a really good bunch. Willy, KOQ, Kuz and Ndour do have talent and ability in small roles they should be fine.

I really like this roster. I think they’ll give team’s all kinds of fits trying to defend the Knicks offense. How can a team focus on Rose, Melo and KP and not leave Lee and Noah wide open?

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