Baltimore City, You’re Breaking My Heart.

This is why people leave.

Tracey Halvorsen
Feb 7, 2014 · 9 min read

And I'm growing to absolutely hate it here.

I’m tired of hearing about 12 year old girls being held up at gun-point while they walk to school.,0,5595591.story

I’m tired of being looked at like prey.

I’m tired of hearing the police helicopter circling overhead every night, and seeing the spotlight shine in my window.

I’m tired of answering the question, “Is Baltimore really like The Wire?” Answer: “Yeah it’s a complete shit-hole war zone depending on what street you turn down”.

I’m tired of looking at 11 year olds as potential thieves, muggers and murderers on my walk home from the office.

I’m tired of thinking about the horrifying final moments for 51 year old neighbor, Kim Leto, stabbed to death in her own home by two teenagers.,0,6009593.story

I’m tired. I don't have to live here. But I want to stay.

I want to love this city again. I want it to get the crime monkey off its back and become the amazing place and home I know it can be.

I’m very fond of my neighbors. The people who live on my street are amazing and I consider many of them good friends. They look after my house, and I look out for them. They host block parties, offer to help each other out, and are generally awesome folks, many of them raising families amidst this increasing insanity.

People jokingly call it “Smalltimore”, and it’s a huge part of its appeal.

Some of the best and most memorable restaurants in the country are within walking distance to my house, and I consider the owners friends.
Jack’s Bistro —
Peter’s Inn —
Woodberry Kitchen — (will be within walking distance to our new office)

Baltimore City has beautiful areas to explore, amazing diversity, unique experiences and generally really nice and friendly citizens.

There are bars like The Horse you Came in On, the oldest continually operating saloon in America, and Edgar Allan Poe’s last known destination before he died.

But you just can’t ignore the crime.*

It’s the elephant in the room for Baltimore City, and city officials don't seem like they are ever going to look it square in the eye. With that kind of attitude being represented by your city’s leaders, it’s no wonder the city’s population continues to decline.

I'm looking at you Mayor Rawlings-Blake.**

I don't know how to fix Baltimore’s crime problem, but in my opinion, I do my part. I pay my taxes, I run a business where I employ other citizens of Baltimore, and my business provides a service to other Baltimore businesses and people. I report suspicious activity, I come to help when someone yells “Help”, I try to keep my home looking nice, and I leave my outside lights turned on at night.

If you ignore the little things, you encourage worse things to happen.

Life is a fast ride that gets faster the longer you are on it. This world is full of amazing places, amazing people, and more choices than one can even conceive. How do you decide where to make your home?

Being afraid you will be robbed, attacked or murdered where you live will be in the “Don’t Like” list, but it really shouldn't be in a list at all.

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