Most complex B2B deals take months or years to close. Along with every point in that pathway, there are human beings interacting. There are literally hundreds of thousands of micro-conversions happening within one large-scale B2B sales engagement.

Once the bastion of in-person interactions, B2B engagements must now occur almost exclusively as virtual exchanges even though they’re still primarily 1-to-1 communications between buyers and sellers. They may be using technology to connect, and share information digitally via that technology — but it’s still the transference of information (issues and solutions, questions and answers, plans, and revised plans)…

We have entered a new inflection point for how organizations exist within a digital ecosystem.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve spearheaded many website redesigns, technology integrations, digital marketing initiatives, software development projects, you name it. Every five years or so, websites and technologies would suddenly feel very out-of-date, and unable to keep up with the rapid advancements occurring in the digital space. Clients would get in touch, we would take a look, and sure enough we’d see a website and CMS about to come off the rails, or a poorly performing team limited by strategy and software. …

There will be times in your life when the importance of saying no will be critical to your growth, health, happiness and success. This is particularly necessary for those of us who have chosen a life and career that is defined by creativity, innovation and discovery.

You have to give yourself time, and by that I mean time filled with no outside obligations or committments. The ideas and focus we seek are not likely to occur during a 60 hour work week jam packed with meetings, deadlines and distractions.

Time to let your mind wander and also focus, and space…

data with colored numbers forming a heart
data with colored numbers forming a heart

Does your data show deal movement?

Back when the internet became accessible to the average individual there was great excitement around two things. First was the reach the internet offered to both publishers and consumers. And a close second was the amount of data you could gather based on the publication and consumption of this digital content.

Years passed and many gazillion pieces of digital content have been created, published and consumed. We got addicted to looking at our Google Analytics reports, lurking behind the digital curtain trying to sleuth some new truths or nuggets of wisdom about our anonymous…

Photo Credit — Grand Forks Herald

Ever since my Dad took me to see the Washington Redskins play in JFK stadium in the late 70s with the greats like Joe Theisman and John Riggins, I’ve been fascinated by the game, and the strategy involved in a winning team.

Today, I’m still interested in the adjustments the coaching staff makes based on the teams they are playing, and other factors they have to consider approaching each game. Equally fascinating to me are the real-time adjustments made by each side as momentum shifts, strategies change, and opportunities present themselves. …

“Birch Tree Grove”, oil on canvas, Tracey Halvorsen, 2019

To be great at anything you need much more than those 10,000 hours of practice that Malcolm Gladwell talked about. So what has to happen underneath those years of hard work and commitment?


To acknowledge that you want to be great at anything you have to face, head on, the reality that you might fail. That takes bravery. Not bravado, not ego, but pure old fashioned bravery. To admit you want “it” means you have to face the reality that you might fail. This is why so many people are ok with mediocracy or not trying at all, it’s a…

Autumn Rhythm (Number 30) — Jackson Pollock

The buzz phrase lately within companies seems to be “digital transformation.” I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, and I believe there is a much bigger issue. We are living and working within a vortex of increasingly fast technological advances, primarily impacting the way we communicate. Perhaps we need to start with transforming the way we communicate before focusing exclusively on the digital tools that are both empowering us and propelling us forward into uncertain territories.

The digitally connected world puts us squarely in a period never seen before in our entire evolution as a species.

When it comes…

Creativity Shapes Our World

There is a video piece entitled “Civilization” by Marco Brambilla, composed of hundreds of layered images and video clips. “Civilization” is an exploration on the themes of redemption and salvation, represented by imagery and snippets collected from popular culture. Before we continue — go take a look and enjoy a few minutes immersing yourself into an artist’s creation.

While Brambilla’s works are amazing in themselves, what I found most interesting was where I experienced these videos — in the elevators at The Standard in NYC. As a passenger rides the elevator up, the video plays the journey from Hell to…

Tracey Halvorsen

Tracey Halvorsen is Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Return Solutions and Founder of Create Velocity. Formerly Co-Founder of Fastspot.

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