[Video] What Autism Awareness Really Means
Josh O’Connor

Here is a subject for a small public awareness enhancement video so that an actually significant number of males and more than a tenth as many females could be received by society a little more accurately with a little less acrimony. I have an entirely genetic autism. For about 20 years, I have called it very mild Asperger’s. Likely, it is the mildest form. It came to me solely from one side. My father’s mother said that my behavior and personality reminded her almost completely of her father. He was a well-known contrary and iconoclast who could not abide any misused privilege of authority and would not give up on a cause that’s started to appear to be lost. However, he was quite gregarious and could be very extroverted when he wish to be neither of which emanates from the Asperger’s.

In his first year on the show “My Three Sons”, little Ernie displays exactly precisely to a high level of accuracy the affliction of which I speak. From 4 to 10 my name was Mr. Question, the question machine, the boy on a quest, or other variations on the theme. This was after school by the men at my dad’s Factory. They felt the need to humor me and I was a little bit entertaining plus they genuinely liked teaching me. But another name was Blue Boy because the questions would continue until they were blue in the face or my father came back to get me whichever came first.

Another good example of the package of traits for this strain of recessive genes is the movie “Little Big Man” for both the main character and the contrary Indian. They are spot-on. There is overlap with both nerd and geek, but it is not actually associated with either. They may well be genetic packages also and one person could have all or part of several. I am pre nerd by a decade but was often called half geek. These terms are not part of my discussion because they are discernible as such by the self-anointed regular and normals of society.

My subject category has not been well delineated and needs to be. Mostly people say of me, you have no common sense, you are really bright but, why don’t you anticipate their reaction, or couldn’t you see they were just being polite. The annoyance or irritation usually is insufficient to be admitted to but not forgotten. Employees did not quit over it. They were willing to make allowances rather than put their money where their opinions were. But just like politics the smaller the magnitude the bigger the fuss in most cases until extremes are reached.

So in most situations, where people have little on the line, no allowances are made for a person who just seems dense or blunt or maybe a bit callous such as myself. These suggested allowances would be roughly inline with those made for a person with a heavy foreign accent. You have the talent to right this wrong. It is not a dramatic morsel, it’s far from a melodramatic one, it needs a light touch. After that, I have a biggie for you.

The grandma I mentioned helped create Israel; at least she played a significant American roll. For a decade she developed and ran one of the larger Underground Charities that shiped anything and everything for which a need could be conceived including a long list of wrongfully and rightfully disallowed items. Still, that’s not even the best or main story. The women funders who repeatedly or almost continuously literally threatened their family businesses, payrolls, kid’s educations, or even apartment leases are the truer heroes. How she held her illegal non-profit together throughout the 40s is another major theme and the big reveal. It leads to a profound Major League discussion on Transparency and Slack in the enforcement of laws, bureaucracy, and scrutiny with surprising conundrums.