Nuggets on the Journey

So far, it’s been an ‘awesome’ experience, building relationships, riding with the team and learning new skills. The improv sessions always cleared my head for the day! So much details that I would need to write everyday to cover each one. However, in this post, I will be sharing some thoughts I had one of the days in ET.

People on their journeys…

After lunch one afternoon, I stood at the lounge gazing at the traffic on Ikorodu Road…it is always very busy. I watched as different vehicles plied the road with varying velocity. But each was on a journey going somewhere. Some vehicles had more people than others…could be friends/family or just passengers but some others had just the person on the driver’s seat.

As I pondered over this amazing sight(which I see every single day), it occurred to me that my journey as a Software Developer is the same.

In this journey, I have a maximum capacity that I can go…just like the engines of different vehicles. I have a destination per time and I have limitations and obstacles that will try to stop me or reduce my speed. The interesting part is that even though I am not alone in the journey, my chart is peculiar to me.

Another perspective to this is that when you see vehicles on the third mainland bridge(for instance), they were never coming from the same place. The distances each covered before getting there is different from others. Also, after third mainland, they will each cover varying distances to reach their destinations…

So whats’s the point?

Andela is like the third mainland bridge. We came from different directions and we are not going to the same destinations. The journey will be busy. There are times when the speed needs to be increased and there are times when the traffic will be slow.

However, while I am the driver of my self, I’ll have to join some other people to achieve greater feats. (Sometimes, it is overwhelming combining this two but the experience will always make you stronger.)

I intend to enjoy this journey, use my capacity to the maximum when the coast is clear and share time with people, places and things when it gets slower. While overtaking is allowed, it should only happen when my calculations are right!

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