Sticking to the basics!

When faced with programmable challenges, people try to use different means to confront them. While some will totally give up and avoid the challenge, some others would try to shift the burden on someone else — I have seen people post complete questions of assignments or tests on some sites without proffering any attempted solution. They just want some fella to provide them with the finished product…lool

There are yet some people who for the joy they derive in finding solutions will stick to the challenge with an aim to resolve it.

So, what would you do if you are someone in the last category and you have deadlines to meet, but the solutions seem to be on a journey in the parallel direction! Here is my suggestion…

…Go back to the basics!

With the mounted pressure to complete the Home sessions, I have found myself in this situation. It was bad because according to the requirement, you do not only need to understand the concepts, you are also not allowed to use some built-in functions!

Someone would ask .. Why the stress?

If you can replicate the built-in functions, then you will be able to create new ones! In the spirit of innovation, this is highly needed. For example:

Who says we can’t have a programming lang written in “pidgin” English?

Many thanks to “Lord of the rails” for making me stick to the basics.

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