Using a Virtual Assistant in Your Launch

The last few weeks I have been talking a lot about virtual assistants: how to hire a VA, where to find a VA, how to find a VA who treats your business like her own.

This week I decided to shoot a video to talk about the different ways you can use a VA to do launches, because I think it’s really common for entrepreneurs to get into a mindset where we think we are the only ones who can do our business. We decide it is just easier to do it ourselves than to train somebody else to do it for us.

Starting to build your team and hiring your first VA is very much the same. In the video I’ll explain how what a well trained VA and a clean kitchen have in common, my tips for making training as painless and effective as possible and I’ll talk launching. You probably don’t realize the many ways a VA can make your launch easier and more effective.

Hey, Launchtechers, It’s Tracy. I have not been around for quite a while. So, I’m glad to be back. I decided that this week, I was going to do something a little bit different. I was just teaching a course online and I thought, “You know, I’m already, you know, got my make-up done so maybe I’ll do Facebook live today instead of doing my blog post.” I’m a little bit behind on some of my writings. It’s been a little bit busy around here at Launch Tech Made Easy and I have a couple of really exciting announcements coming up. But we will save those for a week or so.

So, for those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is Tracy Shroyer and I am the founder of Launch Tech Made Easy. I love working with online business owners who are just getting going and trying to launch online but really don’t understand all of that complicated tech steps that are part of putting together an online launch. In some cases, business owners want to do it themselves. Maybe you are a boot strapper. Maybe you are just trying to figure it all out because you like to know how everything works. Or maybe you just can’t afford to do it any other way. We’ve all been there, that’s how I started out. So I like to work to both online business owners and then, I also like to work with virtual assistants who are being trained to help the business owners they work for to do their launches online. So that’s what Launch Tech Made Easy does and my website is Both on Facebook and on the web. I guess with Facebook, you obviously don’t need the dot com part. Anways, the last few weeks, if you do follow my blog, if you are one of the lucky email subscribers and you have gotten emails on the blogs, you know that I have been talking a lot about VAs. How to hire a VA, how do you know where to find a VA, how to make sure that your VA is treating your business just like her own. This week I want to talk a little bit about the different ways that you can use VA to do launches for you, because I think it’ s really really common for entrepreneurs. We get into this mindset where we are the only ones that can do our business and that it is just easier to do it ourselves than it is to train somebody else. It‘s kinda takes me back to one of my kids were little, and I was determined that they were going to learn how to clean up the kitchen well and to do the dishes. My friends though that I was crazy because, first of all, for the first, probably six months to a year, my kitchen never really truly gotten clean as I wanted it. Second of all, they didn’t think that kids should have to do that type or work or that they were capable of doing that kind of work. And because I am who I am, you throw on a challenge like that to me, and the fact that kids can’t actually clean a kitchen and I will work to prove you wrong. So I came up with a plan to teach my kids to clean the kitchen and you know it was a struggle for a while. There were few nights where my husband caught me going in after the kids have gone to beds and kinds touching things up a little bit of here and there, and so they wouldn’t know that I was doing it behind them. But, I now have kids who are grown. Who not only know really how to clean the kitchen but love to cook. So, it kinda work out well for me. In fact, one of them is our chef for the summer in between semester at school. It actually really work well for me.

But the point is, yes it would have been faster and easier if I had just clean up the kitchen every night. I created a few checklists for them. I spent, you know, I think one night we would work on really focusing on how to sweep the floors. There was one corner of the kitchen that I could always tell if they have swept the floor or not because that one corner will get missed and so that’s how I knew, I never told them that. They still don’t know that but I can tell if they swept the floor or not by checking just that one corner. And so, the thing is, by putting in the time when they were young for six months to a year. I don’t remember now how long it took, I then had trained kitchen crew that go in and clean up for me in years to come. And so it is worth the investment of my time.

Starting to build your team and hiring your first VA is very much the same. And maybe for you, your VA is isn’t your first hire but today we gonna talk specifically about Virtual Assistants and how to use them in a launch capacity.

So, when it comes to launching, there is a lot of different things that you have to keep in mind. And if you start listing out all of your tasks, there is a ton of them, right? Some of them probably at this point, do still need to be done by you but I’ve still going to get over the full list that I kinda brainstormed and explained to you in each task what I would use a VA for and if there’s a certain task that I would not use a VA for. You could build from that list. Now, one of the things that I think is before talking about any of the specific tasks, is the idea that as you are going through and doing tasks and maybe, you don’t even have a Virtual Assistant yet. Maybe you won’t have Virtual Assistant for a few months, or maybe even a year. As you going through and doing the tasks that you do every single day that at some point you like to hand out to someone else, I’m going to encourage you to do screen capture videos of those tasks. Now, this is not hard and it doesn’t have to be expensive. I mean, there are programs like Camtasia or Screenflow but there are also just quick little videos with the program that I love, called It hangs out upon you chrome toolbar and you click it whenever you wanna shoot a quick little video. I use it all the time to both talk to my team and to send little messages to some of my clients if they need to know how to do something that I usually do for them. I even have them known how to send to my mom when she is and she’ll say, “ Oh, I can’t get to my email” or “ I can’t even remember how to do this.”I can use ViewedIt to shoot quick little video for her and send it to her in an email and get her to sort it out from 15,000 miles away. So, if you think about the different launch tasks that you have,if you start putting together a little library of the things you like tohand out, it becomes a lot easier to teach someone else. You don’t have to sit with them and set aside the specified training time to go through each and every task that you want your VAs to handle. Likewise, if then they get so important to you that they need to start handling some of their tasks as your team grows, they can pass those videos along to someone else. You know, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve shot a video, especially when working for a client and I would refer back to the video I shot because I can’t remember how I did some things. So, do that. Shoot videos and start a procedure manual where you can write down things that aren’t necessarily video worthy like the reasoning behind doing something. You may wanna have a procedure manual for that or some links to different things like that. If you start that before bringing your VA on, it makes the whole process easier. If you haven’t started that, and you are beginning to work with the VA, have her start one for you. I talked a lot about this on my blog post. I think that was last week and I will provide a link to that. But you have a course of knowledge when it comes to your business and you probably already know how to do things, you don’t think twice about them. As you bring your VA on, and you have to explain to her how to do things because you are not going to assume she does know how to do everything, right? We’ve talked about that before. As you’re teaching her how to do things, have her start a procedure’s manual because she does not have that course of knowledge and she can start documenting things from day 1 on how you like things done. It may be things you don’t realize you like done in a certain way until you explain it to her.

So, let’s go to the task list. I will start with the beginning of launch and all launches start with list building, right? You need to build your list. So, one of the things you can use the VA for, is putting together your lead. Now, perhaps you’ve already done the research, and you have typed up the document or you put together the checklist. or you got the information for an infographic. You can have her then take that information and send it off to be designed on Fiverr, or if you have a graphic designer that you use, or maybe she got some talent that you can utilize. But you can let her handle the task of getting that lead created. You don’t have to worry about that. When the lead come back from the designer, have your VA take a look at it first, and make sure that there are no typos, that the colors are the colors that go with your brand, that the logo is where it suppose to be before you need to take your time and give it your final approval, okay. A VA can also set up the lists that you need, both your opt in forms to add people to and the lists that you’re going to want mailing out to during the launch. So, the way that I set up my list is everytime that I have new opt in, it goes to a new list on my email service provider. That’s just the way I like to do it and it makes most sense to me. Everybody does things little bit differently. But you can absolutely have your VA get those lists set up for you and in some cases, you need, depending on the email provider that you are using, you would need to set up a different form for every list. So she can go ahead and get those forms all set up for the lists to even if we are using the form to be pulled into something like leadpages. She can get all that back in, those tasks completed for you.

If you create the information that you want on your landing page, you could also give that to a VA and have her put the landing page together, especially if you are using a drag and drop service like click funnels, or leadpages where you can tell her what your headline it’s going to be and what your bullet points are going to be and she can plots those right in there. She should know what your colors are and she can maybe play around with the colors and give you different options but she can absolutely put your landing pages together for you. This would not only be for your opt in pages but you can also have her start setting up the templates for any videos that you might be using during your launch. And there could be a lot of different pages for that depending on how many. If you are doing a full internal launch with three pre launch content videos and then a sales video, you’re going to need different pages for each of those and you’re going to need different links and things like that. She can do well of that for you. You may have to train her how, but once you’ve done one and shot a video that explains it, she should easily be able to duplicate that one and go forward and create the rest. You can have her create your social media posts. You probably have content that you created either video or maybe Facebook lives, or blog posts that has covered the topics that you are talking about during your launch and the different things your launch will cover. Give her those blog posts. Have her go through them and pull out little snippets of texts that she can use to create social media posts. And maybe there’s social media text posts. Maybe they are put on graphics that she can create those graphics for you. But she should be able to come up with a social media campaign for you i\if that’s you would like her to do. Now, here’s one area, though it’s kinda a fine line. If you have a VA who has a really good grasp of English language and knows you very well, you may be able to have her look at your blog posts and sort of extrapolate the information and put that together in a post that she has written, or graphic with some texts on that she has written. In most cases, what I would do is have the VA use words that you’ve already written. So, if you wrote a blog posts about, you know, hiring a VA, and she went to that article, she can pull out just a section that would make good social media posting using those without having to reword to much. Because you want people to really connect with you, not with your VA, right. Along with that, she can do your graphics in Canva or whatever you are using to create your graphics. Even if you don’t want her pulling out the text that you want in the graphic, you can give the text to her, maybe you have a spreadsheet of all social media posts that you want created. Then, she can go and create those graphics in something like in Canva. She can upload content to your membership site or to your website if you are doing freebies and you’ve got pdf delivered, all developed and they were delivered to you from your graphic designer. You can give them to your VA to upload onto your Wordpress site, or Amazon, wherever you’re hosting your documents so that when you wanna link to them, they are already in your media library.

She can schedule your emails for you. Certainly, I wouldn’t suggest having her write your emails, but if you wrote your emails in a word document, Google docs, you could then have her go into your email service provider and copy and paste those emails and get them formatted in a template that you’ve set up. So that every email is going out the way you wanted to, that the signature line is good, that the links are all working. She can do that for you. She can, again, I mentioned it early, pull content from your blog post. Maybe you don’t even know how much content you have. Have her go through it and flag those blog posts that she thinks are really going to be relevant to the topic that you are talking about. If you have been writing content for a really long time and you have been shooting video, and you’ve been, you know, doing a podcast, have her go through and try at least go and chunk that down. So she can say, “Okay, on a topic of hiring a VA, you have podcast 4, you have podcast 15, you have a video that you did on November 12 and you have a video that you did in January, and these are the blog posts.” So you have them all in one place and makes it really easy for you to go in and grab that content.

If you know the topics that you’re going to be covering during your launch, you can have her put together a content calendar that is specific for the period of your launch. So, around when your first video goes out, you’re going to want your social media post to kind of go around the topic of that first video. Same thing with your second video, your third video, and your sales video. So have her put together a schedule of which posts that’s gonna go out, which social media accounts you’re going to be targeting, how many times a day you’re going to post. You may have to have a meeting to go over it with her, but then have her put together a spreadsheet so you can plug all those posts in to make sure that they are scheduled as you want them.

So, that’s quite a few things that you can use a VA for. I’m sure that there are a lot more than that but those are the ones that kinda came to mind. If you want more tips and tricks of working really well with a VA, certainly click the links below. I’ve got all kinds of information. I think I’ve done three blog posts on the series already and there are some really, really great opt in, I think, or freebies that you can get along with those blog posts. I have pdf of interview questions to interview your VA and find out if you are a good match. I have some other freebies about figuring out if your VA is the first person that need to hire. Then in the blog posts, I covered a lot of good information about, you know, how to work really well with a VA. How do you know if you could trust her? What tests are good for VA? What tests are not good for VA?. I even tell you about the difference between an eagle and a goat. So, you don’t want to miss that, right? That’ s worth the price, which is free, alone. So you wanna head over the blog and take a look at those posts. The link will be right below here. Let me know if you have any questions about how to use your VA for launching. You can reach me at or even better yet, just put your comments below here and I’ll make sure to answer them, right here on my page.

Thank you so much and I hope you have a great afternoon

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