Introductions about TrackingMore bulk package tracking service

TrackingMore is a package tracking brand who have already helped millions of people all over the world to trace their packages. From the start of, it is aimed and will aim at providing effective solutions mainly in package tracking services to help the cross border e-commerce grow. We know how important the status of a package meant to the product fulfillment, an e-tailer, a freight forwarder as well as online sellers, so all along we are thinking hard about how to make our solution meet the most people’s needs. And thankfully, we did have some achievements so far which bulk package tracking service is one of the accomplishments among them. Then what is that anyway.

Definition of TrackingMore bulk package tracking service

TrackingMore bulk package tracking service is a feature developed by TrackingMore team to help those people who have needs to track large number of packages in one time. Let’s say 10,000. Then you may say, this is nothing as we can track it through the courier official website. But what if those packages are coming from 10 or more couriers? Are you going to track it through all those 10 couriers? But TrackingMore can solve all. You can choose either to call TrackingMore API or import a CSV file to your TrackingMore account.