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Whenever a delivery is being performed, the company, carrier and customers are left expecting everything to go as planned and the freight delivered smoothly. Risk management and route planning are some of the measures that can be taken to avoid failures or minimize their impacts.

However, it is through the tracking of your packages that you can monitor the status of the transport and take action in less time if there is any occurrence. The advantages of performing this monitoring includes the following:

1. More speed in operation

No matter how well planned and structured a process is, there will always be the possibility that there is some incident that is detrimental to the progress of things. With regard to distribution logistics, one can suffer with heavy traffic, accidents, problems in the vehicle and retention in fiscal post, for example.

Tracking packages allows you to track, in real time, what the status of deliveries is. Thus, any unforeseen event is identified with less time, allowing the manager to identify the necessary actions more quickly, making them more effective. That is, it reduces the time needed between the identification of the problem and the action to solve it.

This time savings can also be highlighted when managing the information to be passed on to the customer: whenever he wants to update on his orders, the data passed will always be the most current.

2. Possibility of adopting proactive notification

Proactive notification is the practice of sending customers information about their requests without them having to contact the central office first. It can be done via SMS or email, for example.

This kind of work helps keep expectations level — as any change in the agreed deadline is notified in advance — and reduce the frustrations that any unforeseen event may cause.

Although it may be negative information, this helps convey the idea that the company is transparent in its business and cares about the satisfaction of its customers. In addition, proactive communication contributes to the reduction in the number of calls to the attendance team, since a relevant portion of the contacts made is only intended to accompany the delivery of an order.

3. Cargo and driver safety

Tracking packages help to ensure greater safety for both the contractor, the carrier and its employees. Along with route planning, the accompaniment helps to verify that the course is being performed as previously decided.

Since fleet control often involves the use of technologies such as GPS and satellite, it can be said that tracking packages helps prevent theft, robbery and hijacking. Even if this does not inhibit, in fact, these actions, through monitoring it is possible to obtain information about the location and to contribute with the investigations that may occur.

This control is even greater in the case of goods of high added value or highly targeted for theft (such as electronics, tires or even medicines, for example). The central monitoring, performed by the risk management company — not the shipper — is often responsible for opening the vehicle’s cargo compartment.

Thus, only if the vehicle is in the expected location, if its route meets the predetermined conditions and if there is no reported problem, then the cargo compartment will be opened — electronically and at a distance.

4. Greater control over process errors and failures

As mentioned earlier, package tracking allows you to track each step of the delivery process, even when some unforeseen event occurs. Therefore, if the vehicle was defective in the middle of the route, if the route is not being followed, or if there was a loss, for example, the manager is aware of these facts practically in real time.

When you have greater control over the process, you are more likely to be able to create corrective actions, or to minimize impacts, that are more effective and lessen the negative effects that problems can cause.

A good example of this is when monitoring the packages and if it is known that the vehicle has a breakdown at the moment the event occurs. This allows you to make the decision to immediately move another car to transship the cargo and continue the deliveries.

5. Support in decision making and adoption of improvements

All the time we have been quoting how to access information and how they are crucial to the smooth running of the process. However, the advantages of tracking our packages do not stop at the time of monitoring: it is possible to use this basis to track indicators and perform analyzes that help to develop new, more accurate, strategies.

In this sense, one can evaluate the level of service of deliveries, compliance of the route, performance per driver, index of occurrences of damages and losses, among other things. The results of these analysis help identify the weaknesses of the operation and create solutions that help eliminate them, or point out the opportunities for improvement and what can be done to take advantage of them.

6. Increased customer satisfaction

The use of a solution that allows the tracking of packages is a way to modernize the operations of the company, which in itself already provides several benefits to the processes and routine of employees. However, it also helps to achieve greater transparency in the business and makes customers feel more secure in their choice, since the company allows the status of deliveries to be tracked.

By combining these facts with proactive notification, the public’s ability to feel satisfied is much greater. This helps to retain them and can make them point the business to other people.

In conclusion, the tracking of packages involves several aspects, ranging from actually tracking of deliveries to using this information to make processes more and more optimized. This act, together with well-structured logistic processes, is a great ally of business success — regardless of whether you work with your own or outsourced fleet.

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