TrackingMore Restful Tracking API — Python Class Example

Jun 21, 2017 · 3 min read

TrackingMore is an all in one package tracking website which provides package tracking services of 410 couriers. Therefore, once integrated with TrackingMore, you are available to access 410 courier tracking APIs. Using TrackingMore API, you must sign up for an TrackingMore account first and generate an API token. TrackingMore API was charged only by trackings. There is no limitation about how many API requests you are going to make.

Python wrapper for the TrackingMore API

Python library enables users to perform the following operations with courier code(s) and tracking number(s).

  • Creating a tracking item.
  • Creating multiple tracking items.
  • Updating a tracking item.
  • Deleting a tracking item.
  • Get Real-time Tracking Results of a single tracking item.
  • Get Real-time Tracking Results of multiple tracking items.

Installation of developer kit

You can download the developer kit to your desired file folder and then install from below path.


Create a tracking item

Before getting tracking info of a package, you must create a tracking item in TrackingMore’s system. It will then be also visible in the dashboard. Each shipment is identifiable through its courier code and tracking number.

Create multiple tracking items

It is possible to create multiple tracking items at a time with a single API call.

Updating a tracking item

After you have created a trakcing item, you can also update it.

Deleting a tracking item

If you are no longer in need to track a package you created, you can choose to delete it. It can be added again later at no additional cost (TrackingMore charges per package).

Get Real-time Tracking Results of a single tracking item

Once a tracking item has been created, it will synchronize periodically (every six hours) with the courier’s system.

Get Real-time Tracking Results of multiple tracking items.

Limitations on Request Rate

Real-time tracking: each IP, maximum 3 requests per second.

List all trackings: each IP, maximum 1 request with up to 2000 trackings per second.

With TrackingMore, you can:

1. Get real-time tracking info of 410 couriers in one integration.

2. Find out delivery exception and take actions before it is too late.

3. Analyse delivery time and shipping performance.

4. Verify if your shipments are delivered or not.

5. Please customers’ by sending automatic notifications.

6. Customize tracking features based on your specific needs.

7. Get your own account manager.

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