Ultimate Guide To Track WooCommerce Shipments — Merchants Guide

Mar 6, 2018 · 2 min read

This is a guide to help merchants running WooCommerce based shop automatically track orders by using TrackingMore shipment tracking plugin.

How Does This Shipment Tracking Plugin Work?

This shipment tracking plugin will auto import and track orders from wordpress shop every 8 hours after connecting successfully in Trackingmore backstage. Apart from order id, tracking number, it will also import corresponding customer name, customer email address, phone number, order title, order created time and ship date.

Later, all synchronized tracking number will be auto tracked at TrackingMore backstage and customer can check by clicking total number at WooCommerce connector page.

How To Use TrackingMore Shipment Tracking Plugin?

a. Download this WooCommerce order tracking plugin;

b. Upload this plugin at your WordPress Admin Panel;

c. Set couriers;

d. Enter matched tracking number for each order;

e. Go to TrackingMore official website and create an account;

f. Go to WooCommerce connector page at TrackingMore backstage;

g. Input store url and API key;

h. Click Save button;

i: Click import now button and complete synchronization.

Note: A TrackingMore account is required.

Frequently Asked Questions About WooCommerce Order Tracking Plugin

1. Why there is no order being synchronized?

Please check:

a. You have entered tracking number at your WooCommerce store. Order without tracking number will not be imported;

b. Once order was created, you must fulfill it within 3 days. Otherwise, order will not be imported.

2. Why I Cannot Connect My WordPress Shop To TrackingMore?

Please make sure you clicked “Permalinks” when uploading this package tracking plugin.

3. Can I Have Someone Help Me Configure All Settings?

Yes. You can contact our customer service via Skype, FB or send them emails to vanessa@trackingmore.org.

4. Does Your Shipment Tracking Plugin Can Really Work?

Yes. We create this plugin to help WooCommerce merchants simplify package tracking process, save time and energy.

5. How Much Do You Charge Us By Using Your Plugin?

Every user have 500 trackings for free in the first month free trial. After that, we charge per package fee ($0.002/package).

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