I’m 17 And I Deleted All My Social Media. Here’s What Happened.
Corey Simon

Through your words, I can feel your energy, enthusiasm and motivation for life now you’ve tackled your social media addiction. An inspiring piece! You make many persuasive points for reducing our time on social media — improving self-esteem, increasing productivity and free time, realising the value of family and real friendships, and living in the moment, feeling the joy and freedom of childhood. I’m concerned too that the social media obsession distances people from nature, so they are less likely to care about environmental degradation and wildlife extinctions. Getting the selfie pout just right is far more important. Narcissism indeed.

I don’t use social media for personal communication, but I use it for my writing business, nature blog and news. While I find Twitter invaluable, I admit to spending too much time on social media. As you say, moderation is key. Time to start reading the books on my list! All the best Corey and I admire that you challenge the status quo — don’t stop!

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