Should Vegans Promote Reducetarianism?
Veterinary Vegan Network

While I would like to see an end to animal exploitation, I’m also aware that my own change to a vegan diet didn’t happen overnight. It was a journey that started in the late 80s when I first read about factory farming. Last year I made the final change when I stopped eating organic eggs, having quit dairy the year before. I’m not afraid of being attacked or ridiculed for my beliefs. But while I encourage people to think about a plant-based diet, I’m supportive of people who are reducing their animal consumption because that means they’re starting their own journey. I don’t think a reductionist approach means they’ll do a little and then look the other way. People go through changes at different rates and encouragement is more likely to change behaviour than exclusion. I hope people will at least switch to organic meat and dairy which is higher welfare. While I agree veganism is an ethical position, I think we should be careful not to alienate people who have good intentions. They could be vegans of the future.