How Can You Fuck W/Out Kissing?

I have a question that needs an answer

there is an epidemic running through our

community like a rapid cancer.

I search for a cure to avoid this disaster.

Brother man,

I love being with you

Loving the things that me and you do.

So when it came time to step into your bedroom

It wasn’t a moment too soon.

You make me feel beautiful and we was groovin.

I found warmth in ur heart and the bass of your voice soothing.


Because we made such a connection.

Until it came time to show a little affection.

Then our whole interlude went in the opposite direction.

You see, there is something important that you are missing.

HOLD UP, Baby.

I got a question..


You mean, I am good enough to swap intimate body fluid with

but not worthy of your tender kiss?

What woman lets you get away with this?

I can’t help but take it as a diss.

You can lose my number PRONTO!

Thanks, Bruh, but you’ve been dismissed.

Because I sincerely must question your judgment.

How can you be into it?

If you don’t allow your tongue to enter it?

While we are being intimate?

It makes no sense!

Do my body fluids disgust you in that way?

If so, then how can me and you lay down like two adults sharing each other?

What causes you to being so stingy with your soul, my brother?

Are u unable to feel that emotional connection

so instead you can only offer me a stiff erection?

You're quite generous with your penile projection

in the direction of my mouth

but YOU refuse to go down South!

You must be mistaken

if you call this lovemaking!

I don't know what the fuck you think this is

that demoted me to a mere receptacle for your jizz.

Am I am too dirty?


But you told me I was your BEAUTIFUL QUEEN!

Yet how can you find parts of me obscene?

It broke my heart to know what your actions mean

You expect me to go through the motions like some sort of machine.

Oh, that’s it!!

Instead, you give me marathon sex

all over the place.

You do all that you can to avoid us being face to face.

Because looking into my eyes while you are

between my thighs is the only thing too deep.

Being this close to a woman takes you in too steep.

And while we are sharing our bodies feelings may begin to creep

between us

and these here bed sheets.

Is that what you fear?

The vulnerability you feel when you have a woman near?

She’s a distraction so you stay clear?

And avoid anything that would allow love to appear?

Do you adhere to this lifestyle because it makes you hard?

A man that can't love a woman is not a man at all

I swear ta’ God.

Do you think swapping body fluids with your woman makes you a


Do you believe those stories your boys tell you when they are drunk?

Can you keep the rest of the world out of our bed room?

And figure out what you need to do to make me swoon?

Your words kissed my soul

but there was one part missing.

And so I‟ll leave you where you stand with my memory reminiscing.


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