Celebrate The Beat at the Vail International Dance Festival

Tonight, over 100 first- through eighth-grade kids will take the stage at the renowned Vail International Dance Festival and quite simply blow the minds of the adults in the audience. They’ve done so the past 8 years and there is no reason to believe that 2016 will be any different.

The performance is the culmination of the five-day “Vail Valley POP HOP,” the outreach program of the dance festival in collaboration with Celebrate The Beat, during which the students arrive at the local school and dance for three hours each day. What they learn in those 15 hours is more than just dance (although that is incredible in and of itself!); they learn patience and commitment and focus, all skills that they will take with them when they return to the classroom in the coming weeks.

This message is worth sharing with as large an audience as possible, so I was thrilled when Vail Daily host Tricia Swenson came to visit us this week at Avon Elementary School to learn more about POP HOP and Celebrate The Beat, and to see the kids in action.

The mission of Celebrate The Beat is to provide the highest quality in-school and after-school dance programs for all children that will improve their physical health and well-being, inspire them to believe in themselves and establish a standard of excellence that impacts all aspects of their lives.

We know it’s a worthy one and those lucky enough to be in attendance tonight will feel it. To learn more, visit ctbeat.org and the Vail Valley Foundation.

Tracy Straus & the Celebrate The Beat Team

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