Hey Apple, thanks for the AR Kit, now give us the VR Kit and make that Apple TV a VR docking station. You’ll win. Let hordes of devs fill your shelves again with meaningful AR and VR apps and sell the only hardware those hot, helpful and fun things will run on, and bam! you’ll hit that trillion.
It’s Samsung’s fault for Apple’s shitty products
Andrei Draganescu

The two real pieces of innovation that came out of the over-hyped event were the AR kit and the machine learning, packaged in such a small form factor.

Apple is getting better at creating doorways for innovative minds. At the surface, where most consumers live, Animojis and face recognition drew gasps. To me, those pieces were only the the shine and the sheen. Many layers deeper are all the incredible possibilities waiting to be unlocked and applied to the realms of industry. As AR gains application support, the VR doorway will be the next to open.

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