“Flawed”: Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good If You’re A Female Presidential Candidate
Sarah Lerner

She was far from perfect and I have no problem with the media highlighting that. You can hate Trump but still acknowledge that Clinton was a pretty horrible candidate during an anti-establishment election cycle.

She seemed soooooooooooo fake. Pretended to be against the TPP, after lobbying for it 45 times. Pretended to care about the environment, but promoted fracking all over the globe. She’s also a total war hawk…and corporate sock puppet. She pretended to care about minorities yet didn’t even think it’s necessary to visit her husband’s main base. And of course the support of the private prison industry, leading to the disproportionate targeting of minorities didn’t help either.

So yeah, she was indeed the better choice because Trump is an orange lunatic…but to pretend calling her “flawed” is incorrect is ridiculous.

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