With the continuous development of trading platform technology, we will soon launch P2P and Coin Vote platforms
Tradekax P2P is a peer to peer trading platform. It allows Tradekax users to make purchases and trade with each other using fiat. Tradekax will provide users with the platform. At the wire, the…

TradeKax is an excellent platform designed with the advanced and necessary functions of a digital financial system to provide a better exchange of cryptocurrencies. With key elements like e-wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges, our platform provides basic trading functions and services such as market value rating, code list notification currency, trading…

⏰ Time: 1 PM UTC (8PM UTC+7)
📌 Location:
- Thursday, July 2: CryptoDiffer
Friday, July 3: VBC group (https://t.me/nhom_vbc)
Saturday, July 4: Vietnam Coin Market (https://t.me/chocoin_vn)
- Sunday, July 5: Bigcoinvietnam (https://t.me/bigcoinvietnam)
Monday, July 6: Vozblockchain (https://t.me/vozblockchain)
Tuesday, July 7: VNBA group (https://t.me/vnba_group)
Wednesday, July 8: AB Blockchain(https://t.me/abblockchain)
🎁 Reward: up to $300 TKX / AMA

📌 Requirements:
- Join Tradekax Exchange group: https://t.me/TradeKaxExchange
- Join AMA and ask questions at groups

Website: http://tradekax.com
Whitepaper: https://www.tradekax.com/img/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: http://t.me/TradeKaxExchange
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TradeKax
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tradekax
GitHub: https://github.com/TradeKax
Medium: https://medium.com/@TradeKax
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/TradeKaxExchange


TradeKax Exchange has launched the Tradekax Bug Bounty Program with the highest reward of 100 USD.

It aims to uncover potential technical vulnerabilities in the Tradekax trading platform with the help of TradeKax community members, especially those specializing in global network security. We take the security of the exchange…

Competitive trading round, no risk of capital risks and total prize value up to USD 40,000. …

Project introduction

TradeKax is an outstanding platform designed with necessary, advanced features of a digital financial system to provide better cryptocurrency exchange. Featuring key elements, such as an e-wallet and a cryptocurrency exchange, our platform provides essential trading features and services, such as market cap rankings, token/coin listings, trading tools…

On July 16, the first IEO project implemented by TradeKax will officially allow USDT deposit to participate. This IEO project is also the token of TradeKax exchange, with the outstanding feature of selling only 15% of total TKX supply.

The IEO Tradekax sale will take place in FCFS format (first…

Hello all members, we are TradeKax!

We would like to thank all the members for supporting us during the past time.

Please read the information below to use our service conveniently.


We are pleased to announce the launch of our TradeKax Trading Competition. Game on! Users will be ranked…

Protect your digital investments
News such as Gerald — Cotten — founder of crypto exchange QuadrigaCX died, along with the assets of customers worth over 190 million USD inaccessible anymore is a warning bell for investors. Cotten’s wife said that she did not know the password of the digital wallet…

Introduction to Blockchain technology
The ideas that formed the first Blockchain were formed in early 1991, but it was not until 2009 when the technology developed enough to prove it could affect the economy and get a lot of attention more from developers and investors.

Bitcoin was created by a…

TradeKax Exchange

Tradekax.com — TradeKax is a trading platform for Cryptocurrency derivatives registered in England. 1 West Terrace, Brigg, England, DN20 8LX

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