Different types of bets

When starting out with sports betting, the different types of odds can sometimes be overwhelming. Not only is there many different types odds, but some of them have more than one name or meaning.

Here we’re going to break down the most common odds types you will find in the Trademate Sports app and in sports trading in general.

1x2 — Home/Draw/Away

The most common type of bet is placing on the direct outcome of the game, win, draw, lose. This is often displayed on the bookmaker’s site as 1x2. Some games will only have two outcomes, home or away to win (this is more common in tennis and basketball).

Draw No Bet(DNB), Money back on draw, No play on draw, Asian Handicap +0

Another common bet is the Draw no bet or DNB. The name says it all. You will place money on either home or away to win and you will get your stake refunded if it is a draw. There are several ways for this to be displayed by the bookmaker, most common European bookmakers will have a stand alone market called “Draw no bet”, however, this can also be displayed at “Asian Handicap +0”. These are exactly the same bet.

Handicap, Asian Handicap

A handicap in sports betting is when a team starts with a certain goal advantage or disadvantage. For example, you could have an Asian handicap of+3 for the underdog or -3 if you want to place on the favourite. If you put money on +3 (home) and the score in the end of the game is 0–2 to the away team, you will actually win your bet, as you gave the home team a 3 nil head start. This is quite straight forward, however, handicaps can also be given in half points or goals, such as 2.5. If you place on +2.5(home) and the scores ends up at 0–2 you will still win the bet because the score is 2.5–2 and 2.5 > 2.

It gets a little more advanced when you encounter handicaps where it’s divided into quarters such as 2.25 and 2.75. Now, this is if you put on +0.25(Home) and the score end up 2–2, the score is 2.25–2. If you win a match with 0.25 you only win half the bet. If you were to have -0.25 and the score is 2–2 at full time, you would lose half your initial stake. We have developed a table below to help you see all the different types of bets bookmakers offer.

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Written by: Marius Norheim, CEO of Trademate Sports