Happy Easter 🐣

Did an hour or so, screening. I basically only do three things;

Use price action and macro to form an opinion on wether the overall market winds are in my face or at my back.

If they’re in my face , Often I’ll struggle to find setups and existing positions will close at stops.

If it’s in my face I switch to screening for short positions.

At the moment I’m undecided. For the year I’m bullish. Global growth is accelerating. But I would expect a BTFD correction.

Price action overrides any macro musings I have as nobody can see round corners. Definitely not me!

The second thing I do is screen for growth. But only for companies that are over 100m MC and <= 2% spread. I want to see growth in t/o and profits.

The third thing is timing which is exclusively T.A.

An hour worth of screening has thrown up 70+ names for further TA (part 3). This is my favourite part as I really enjoy looking at charts.

Read an article this morning suggesting that ~90% of fund managers didn’t beat benchmark over last 15 years. Shocking if true.

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