Why ZRX will be Listed on Coinbase this Summer

Disclaimer: The article below references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.
Do not FOMO!

I strongly believe ZRX (0x) will be added to Coinbase this summer, for the reasons I lay out below. Of course, buy and trade at your own risk, and Do Your Own Research before ever buying any token.

Coinbase ties

0x has serious ties to Coinbase. Three out of four of their listed advisors are from Coinbase.

Fred Ehrsam, advisor. Co-founder!! of Coinbase
Linda Xie, advisor, previously at Coinbase as a PM
Olaf Carlson-Wee, advisor previously at Coinbase as a PM

For all intents and purposes, 0x is a Coinbase sponsored project.

Silicon Valley takes care of their own

It’s part of the SV culture. Coinbase will make sure that the creators of 0x will be rich financially. This is already an established trend that you see in traditional VC investing for companies that come out of SV. That this is a blockchain project does not change that fact.

Long-term capital gains tax

The absolute best time to sell tokens in the U.S. is after holding them at least one year. August marks one year since the ICO ended.

Why is it the most favorable time to sell? Taxes of course!

After one year holders pay the long-term capital gains tax rate, which is substantially lower than the short-term capital gains tax rate.

One Year Cliff

Additionally, 0x has a standard SV equity style vesting schedule. That means that 25% of a founder/advisor/employee’s are completely locked up and inaccessible until one year has elapsed from the end of the ICO. As a 0x advisor, what better time to sell than after you get 25% of your tokens in one big chunk. Great time to coincidentally benefit from a massive pump on a Coinbase add!

Coinbase announced ERC20 support is coming in months

Coinbase recently announced that they will add ERC20 token support to their wallets in the “coming months”. That works with our August timeframe.

0x is the gold standard amongst Ethereum protocols

There is no protocol in all of crypto that has more projects being built on top of it. The 0x technology is genuinely and meaningfully driving the Ethereum platform forward, and that big list of projects building on top of it reflects that.

Coinbase needs a cheap token

People like buying cheap tokens. See: Ripple pump. Coinbase is never going to add Ripple btw. Not happening.

People like buying tokens that are “cheap”, regardless of market cap. Coinbase’s current cheapest token, Litecoin, is still in the triple digits.

With a ZRX add, Coinbase would have a new token its users can buy for under $10

There are no other good candidates

I’ve seen people float the idea of BAT. That’s ridiculous. The BAT token does not move Ethereum forward. It’s a platform specific coin for a browser. Not a good fit.

Maybe OmiseGo could be added too, if Plasma launches and looks meaningful.

Other Coinbase affiliated or Bay Area (remember Silicon Valley takes care of their own) projects that could be added… Aragon. District0x. Augur. Maker.

That’s about it. None of those coins are as compelling or have the reasons I’ve outlined above. I see 0x being the first coin added, then a trickle of ERC20 tokens added every few months after that. Maybe just 2 per year. We’ll see.

With all the above reasons… I better not see you pump 0x based on this article alone. If this post catches fire and ZRX quadruples, I will dump on you!