My best advice to struggling traders

My usual advice to struggling traders — stop, back off and reevaluate. You have plenty of time ahead. Your whole life. And basically two paths in front of you. You can go on struggling and lose the future you dreamed of when you first came to trading. Or you can stop and accept the nature of the business you like so much, which is in the fact that trading is a craft.
Like in any craft you might not get the glory of great masters, but you can definitely learn it and become a stable, thou mediocre guy, who’s doing his job, making modest five hundred a day. It will take time, a year or two, maybe three. But you’ll get there.
One should not be a prophet to predict the future for struggling desperate traders — if you go on doing what you have been doing during last six month in half a year you’ll get the same result you have now — frustration, pain, sleepless nights.
If you find the guts to soberly reevaluate your experience and start making simple and boring little steps learning this craft, in six months you’ll be on a much better ground, making little money every week

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