7 ways to overcome a mid-semester slump

Spring break has come and gone, which means six whole weeks of classes are left. The thought of going to class when all you want to do is hang in the warm weather can be almost unbearable, but no worries, my friends — there are ways to overcome this dreadful mid-semester slump.

  1. Go outside!

Pool time is always a good time. You can take a couple of hours to relax, soak up the sun (with sunscreen on, of course!) and hang by yourself or with friends. If you are feeling down, the best thing you can do for yourself is to be outside! Sunshine will help boost your serotonin levels and provide vitamin D to help build strong bones. Even if you don’t want to be poolside, you can work on your homework outside, eat your lunch outside, host a cookout, whatever! Just embrace mother nature.

2. Get active.

Okay, I’m not saying you have to go to the gym four times a week with a personal trainer (we’re broke college students, who can afford that??). If you aren’t able to find time or money for the gym, try to walk places more often and take the stairs instead of the elevator. Every little bit helps, and if you make these small changes now, you’ll see a huge difference in a couple of months. You’ll have more endurance and energy, and it will reflect in your personality and work!

3. Pet therapy = the best therapy.

Animals are cute and cuddly. This is a fact. If you are feeling down, one of your best bets for a prescription are a couple of golden retriever puppies or some kittens. If you for some reason don’t have a litter of pups conveniently on hand, this would be a great opportunity to visit or volunteer at a local shelter!

4. Two words: retail therapy.

If you’re allergic to animals, that is tragic. But no worries! Retail therapy is always a good backup plan. Remember, we are college kids on a budget, but it’s possible to find awesome things for the low. This would be a great opportunity to shop around locally, seeing what other students are selling right on campus. What better than Tradeversity ;)

5. DON’T spend your free time lounging in front of the TV or your laptop.

It’s an easy habit to sit on your couch and binge watch Netflix for hours after a long day. I get it — I’ve done it, too. An hour or so is fine, but a long period of time as couch potato can actually make you feel worse. Limit yourself to two episodes (or three, if it’s really that good #netflixprobs) and then get up and get going. It’s also easy to get lost in the abyss of Facebook and Twitter. Everyone’s spring break pictures are great but try to limit yourself to 30 minutes or so of social media. Live in the now! You could look at everyone else’s pictures of the outdoors on Facebook or you could actually go outside and see it for yourself — I vote for the latter!

6. Bath and chill.

Buy yourself a colorful bath bomb (or some epsom salt), put on your favorite playlist and ‘lax in the tub. It’s easy to forget to take some time out of your week to treat yourself. Take this as an opportunity to meditate and gather your thoughts.

7. Find a reason to laugh.

Laughing makes you feel better. Make a night out of a movie or local stand-up performance with your friends. If you live in a small town and there are no stand-up performances or you think the movies are too expensive (preach), just surround yourself with positive, awesome people to turn your mood around!

Updated Jan 12th, 2017

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