BitConnect — Smart passive income multiplier

Greetings to investors and smart passive income enthusiasts,

My previous post mentioned about valuable mediums and tools to trade and amplify your investments. The response and utility of the entities mentioned were great and many of them communicated to me with a request for suggestions in stabilizing the earned and profited incomes.

An average trader uses a portion of the investment to take few risks in the market. Then the risk works out well and the trader has to process the profits further. Whether to panic trade again or whether to redeem will remain a looping question to decide.

As a long time investor and cautious trader myself, deciding what to do can sometimes be a recurring feeling. But lately it is a bit easier to decide what to do when the market is low or what to do with earned profits which gives a sense that the traders can make good profit without having to worry about market risks or fluctuations. How is this possible?

The answer and strategy is pretty simple thanks to a recently launched cryptocurrency “BitConnect”. It is a cryptocurrency but unlike other entities it keeps giving you the money based on your investments and you do not have to look at walls, charts or statistics and click on further trades.

BitConnect converts your bitcoin or fiat investments into their token BCC and the algorithm functions in a set principle where the converted token is invested on their brilliant trading bot which works through out to get the best of the invested amount from the real-time markets. They are designed to timely precision and trendline charting efficiencies which are the main source of their ICO and current success.

BitConnect’s main business proposition is: we can invest better than you can, so give us your Bitcoin and we will send you some of the earnings we made from investing it. Point here is, the interest rates are very impressive, with an average of about 1% PER DAY (see graph below). Yes, you see it right — per day!

The chart above represents interest rate changes on our platform, tracking the volatility of BTC vs USD and the volatility of USD against major world currencies. The Bitcoin Price Volatility Software calculates interest in real-time for you, so you can monitor profit at any time. Increased volatility means there is greater uncertainty on the returns of your investment.

They have worked on premining their 4.8 million tokens already which means that proof of stake is doing the bulk work of amplifying end user investments. This technically means that the bot is not even required for them to get you profits. The team is actively working on PoS to get the best compound interest plan for all investors.

In short Bitconnect is a “self-sustaining factory” which gives you a reliable and constant passive interest which is comparable to your trading profits or any other source of income. You can redeem the proceeds but bitconnect has more things to offer to you, if you reinvest the proceeds instead of redemption you just booked yourself considerable profits and the compound interest just increases with the average assured interest inturn giving you a larger return regularly.

To start straight away join here:
 Download this file to calculate the profit you make out of your investments:

The above chart has been displayed at specific intervals to give an idea of how much you can make out of the average percentage of interest BitConnect offers. You may further analyse with the file shared.

The BitConnect community also has lot more to offer for individual and group investments. You can bring in people tied to you to earn a share of their interest too. Yes it rewards more and more passives!

A simple small amount invested now will just grow a hundred times over a period of time with just reinvesting your compound interest which is also generated by bitconnect. This is the flexibility of redemption and reinvestment offered by BitConnect.

BitConnectors who are already in the profit zones apart from reinvesting are also spending the profits in multiple ways to further cement their compound income!

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Lastly I would like to say; You are the master of your investments. Think smart, think passive and profit safely.