Benefits of Melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone produced and synthesized in a part of the brain, specifically the pineal gland, which in addition to being produced naturally by our body, tends to be habitual consumption even without a medical prescription, which can be a risk.

Not in vain, melatonin consumption should always have been prescribed by a doctor, since excessive consumption could cause seizures and alterations in blood glucose levels and blood pressure.

Among the main functions of melatonin, we must emphasize that it is a hormone that regulates the biological clock of our body, hence in recent years has become so fashionable as a treatment against sleep disturbances. Furthermore, an elaborate list of its health benefits include:

1. The promotion of healthy sleep

Obtaining a good quality of sleep is an absolute necessity to enjoy good health. However, many of us can experience complications to sleep from time to time.

Insomnia occurs due to a variety of factors that can range from long hours of work, a trip or other interruption of the sleep cycle, such as stressful events or urinary frequency.

Older adults may be particularly sensitive to difficulty sleeping and awakenings at night, due to the reduction in melatonin levels that are associated with aging.

This may be helpful in promoting healthy sleep habits in some people, regardless of the cause of insomnia. A good supplement of it can be of help to improve the quality and duration of sleep during the day in such individuals.

2. Migraine prevention

A promising study suggests that the severity and frequency of migraine headaches can be reduced by using Melatonin. Scientists think that the anti-inflammatory abilities of melatonin and its effect of sweeping radicals help to remove the headache.

3. The fight against cancer

One of the most important applications of melatonin is in the fight against a wide range of cancers; this includes prostate, breast and liver cancer, lung cancer and metastasis in the brain as solid tumors.

It should be mentioned that no adverse or negative effects were reported. Apart from its benefits for the treatment of cancer, melatonin can also help counteract the toxicity left by chemotherapy

After one year, people with melatonin supplementation have shown a higher survival rate and were protected significantly against different side effects that are associated with chemotherapy, this includes platelet depletion, heart damage, neurotoxicity, fatigue and ulcers in the mouth.

4. The neuroprotective benefits

Melatonin is a versatile and powerful antioxidant that is produced inside the body. It protects proteins and lipids from damage and can look for the most dangerous free radicals found in the body, including those of hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl .

Unlike others, melatonin easily diffuses into all cells and can even cross the blood-brain barrier to protect delicate brain tissue.

The supplements of this can be of help for the elderly in terms of improving their antioxidant protection against various diseases that cause more havoc in aging such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and stroke.

5. Great antioxidant properties

In addition to the numerous actions of its hormone, melatonin has strong antioxidant properties that strengthen the immune system.

6. Could help regulate the menstrual cycle

Since it is one of the hormones that control time and the hormonal release of female reproduction, as a result it helps to determine when menstruation starts, the frequency and duration of each menstrual cycle and when menstruation ends and menopause arrives.

7. Stimulates the production of growth hormone

Recent research has shown that melatonin stimulates the normal production of human growth hormones.

Taking into account that the growth hormone is released in the sleep stage and melatonin is helpful to improve the quality and duration of sleep, so we can say that these hormones have a close linked relationship.

In conclusion, melatonin provides great benefits for the overall wellbeing of the human body as highlighted above.

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