How do Social Media Promotion Influence SEO?

The rise of social media and social media marketing for businesses has opened the door to search. Now, social networks are huge platforms where users search and taste quality materials that interest them.

Undoubtedly, the greatest goodness of social networks is to connect millions of people around the world, making your promoted business globally viral and generating a large swarm of potential international clients, because you are never aware of who can stumble upon your page.

We have long heard that social networks help SEO and positioning a website. There are many studies which try to quantify this impact, with different experiments and assumptions by networks. So we read things like “ a community of 1000 users on Facebook positions the same as a Google Plus page with 100 followers etc.

Although in some specific cases, taking into account all variables, we can see an improvement in the positioning of brands that are active on social networks.

If there is something social networks do, it is to help a company or web to position itself, both in search engines and in the user’s mind.

Below are some ways through which social networks help the SEO of your website:

1. They make your pages and contents indexed more quickly

Twitter reduces indexing time by approximately 50% and enables Google bots to find brand content in just seconds. In addition, your community will be the first to know your new content, and if they are excited, they can share it with their contacts.

2. Improving the positioning of your brands in search engines

Although there are no magic formulas, the number of interactions in social networks can greatly improve your brand’s positioning in search engines. Something useful for launches, crisis management, etc. And it can always give you a valuable push into a global success.

3. Favoring the authority of brands as content authors

Google is implementing a complex system to know who writes Internet content, and it seems that Google Autorship may be the next Google Rank. Creating content for your brand and sharing it on the net is, of course, a good sign for Google. And you will be useful to your users!

4. Displaying your brand’s authority and popularity on the net

Social promotion demonstrates to search engines that the brands behind them have authority and popularity on the net. When a brand has a lot of activity in social media, it is proving to the search engines that its contents are authentic and valuable for Internet users. The goal of Google is to “order the Internet” for users, with what certainly adds up.

However, even if we use social networks to contribute to web positioning, it is key to remember that the essence of social marketing is and will be the conversion. Do not expect results simply by posting or creating optimized content. Neither the SEO is complemented with the Social nor the Social is not worth without positioning: Both are online marketing strategies and have to be approached globally. This can be effectively done with the aid of good social marketing firms. One of such firms is Social Cursor, which provides Instagram account management, SEO and web traffic services so as to grant you the much-desired success in the business world.

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