How to Overcome 6 Common Friendship Hurdles.

A friend is a friend until…

Bet you can find plenty of ways to top off that sentence! The friendships we make generally start off trouble-free but the relationships we keep don’t always stay easy. People change, pick up bad habits, develop annoying peccadilloes or adopt new attitudes that can alter a friendship. You can choose to let things go or to argue, cry and hopefully hug it out.

For your friendships to remain viable there needs to be communication, respect, trust and understanding. With this in mind, Single Edition has pinpointed some of the most common problems that can plague a friendship and some helpful tips to help you overcome them. 
 1. The Menacing Matchmaker: What to do when a pal starts overly dissecting and meddling in your dating life? Frustrating as this may be, keep in perspective that your friend’s actions are not ill-intended. Start off by expressing your gratitude then insist on your privacy. If the pest persists, stop giving them updates about your love life altogether. A busybody feeds on the gossip you give them. To avoid giving them anything to talk or think about, practice dodging their questions or diffusing them with humor. 
 2. The Perpetual Partier: A trusted friend turns into an opportunist and suddenly you feel like you’re on the backburner? No need for you to get caught up in the popularity frenzy. When making plans, insist on one-on-one time. If your pal chooses to invite other people or tries to lure you to another party, reschedule, reschedule, reschedule. A good dose of their own medicine can also get your message across — show your friend that your time is valuable by keeping busy with some of the more grounded peeps in your life. 
 3. The Harried Married Parent: Your lives were once so similar and now you’re being squeezed into play dates with the children? You may miss your alone adult time, but for better or worse kids are now part of the dynamic to which your friendship will have to adjust. A little flexibility and some genuine interest in your friend’s family life will go a long way in preserving this relationship. Got a mom or dad who cannot get out of the house? Treat them to a casual girls/guys night in! Grab dinner, a bottle of vino and head to their home — just make sure you wait until the kids are asleep.
 4. The Proselytizing Zealot: Your laid back compadre suddenly adopts radical political, religious or food views and now they are trying to enlighten you with their wisdom? Be upfront from the get go! To avoid drawn out debates, agree to disagree upfront and try to stick to lighter conversation topics. If your fanatical friend continues to impose his or her beliefs on you, create a little distance by limiting how much time you spend together or stick to activity based get-togethers that do not involve too much serious talk.
 5. The Serious Social Drip: It’s all in the attitude and this buddy of yours doesn’t have a good one? You may want to tread lightly! Many people have serious health-related issues such as social anxiety disorder which can be debilitating in public. More often than not, this pal plays better one-on-one so try to ease them into large group situations or avoid them altogether.

In conclusion, the journey of friendship comes with its bumps. In order to overcome these bumps, LoveAwake is here to help.

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