TRAFI route search — better, faster, available offline

There’s so much new in TRAFI 3.0, you wouldn’t even dream about. Three things we surely nailed during the last few weeks: simplicity, “offlineability” a.k.a. the most wanted feature, global usability.

1. Route search screen reborn on Android

If you’re occasionally travelling to unknown places in your city and need to find the best route, you can rely on TRAFI’s route search. This, my friend, will not only take you to the right places, but will also lift your user experience up to sky high. You’ll spend way less time tapping and swiping. Instead, you’ll get a splendid view of all route search results sliding on the same screen.

More than that, we decided to bring “Home” and “Work” cards right in front of you. These are your favorite spots to go to, so reach them easily.

Few more things got tuned up:

  • Less fields to fill in in order to complete your route search. But of course, if you want to add more details to your route search, such as leaving time or transport type, you can simply expand more options.
  • Countdown to your leaving time (in seconds!) and exact arrival time
  • More informative and better prioritized route search results

2. Offline route search on Android and iOS

One of the most wanted features of all time was “offline” mode, which we introduced in September 2015. This time we brought it to the next level by enabling offline route search.

Yep, this is real. You can now use TRAFI to plan your trips without internet connection. Once you’re online, you’ll get offline data automatically. So next time you lose your internet access you’ll have your route search superpower all along.

TRAFI will take you anywhere in your city. And will save your mobile data.

3. New app in town!

TRAFI has been expanding to new markets recently. This time we’re coming to Indonesia, Jakarta. Moreover, we’re adding Belo Horizonte in Brazil.

Hey user, we’d love to hear your opinion! Share the feedback and help to improve data in your city. The power is all yours!

Pssst! More great things are coming with the next updates, you’ll be thrilled to see them!

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